Kids Can Practice on Bridges and Dirt Jumps at the Strathcona County Bike Skills Park

Getting kids on two wheels is exciting. As soon as our kids were able to ride on two wheels, we started to visit the Strathcona County Bike Skills Park, tucked in behind the fire station in Sherwood Park.

There is no cost to visit the skills park, and there are plenty of places for parents or younger kids to sit and watch, or walk around, while the kids on two wheels are enjoying themselves looping down hills, and crossing over boarded paths.

The Strathcona County bike skills park includes a variety of natural features including dirt ramps, rock boulders and logs. Together, these features create a variety of ladder bridges, a wall ride and various sized dirt jumps to appeal to all ages and skill levels.

We appreciated the fact that the trails are guided with a map at the top, and courses are marked based on difficulty – great for kids who are just learning or who are at the other side of the park to have a guideline of what they can attempt.

Make sure to visit the park when it’s dry, after it’s rained or when it’s wet the park turns into a muddy mess – making it a little harder for new riders to manage.

There is a bit of a walk from the parking lot, good to know if you’re bringing a younger child with you. The path is easily traversed by stroller, but if you’re carrying chairs and backpacks, and water, you might want to bring along a wagon with you. It’s about a three to five minute walk from the parking lot to the skills park.

Getting there // Find the Strathcona County Bike Skills Park at the corner of Broadview and Bethel Drive, at 300 Broadview Drive, in Sherwood Park.