Kids Climbing Adventure Drop In at Vertically Inclined #yeg

The first time you take your kids to Vertically Inclined, you’re going to learn a lot – fast. We had a thorough guide to get started to belay the kids from Alex, a fourteen year old expert that got everyone all harnessed up and showed us the ropes of belaying, teaching and checking that we got it along in the way in a process that took about twenty minutes. Immediately the kids were enamored with him, calling him over every five minutes from where he was working at the desk to show him their climbing progress.

We played, climbed, and spent a lot of time ‘hanging’ as the kids took a break a quarter way up the wall, just over our heads. Jamie grabbed Olivia and I helped Violet to belay, before we did a bit of free climbing up in the small cave area where there’s a fantastic spot to sit and just watch the kids climb for a bit.

What’s the cost?

It’s $22/kid and includes the full day of climbing, all the necessary equipment and instruction for the adult on controlling the ropes. We spent just over two hours, before the kids wanted to leave and go get dinner. Before we left, we were given a return coupon that reduced the price to $18 – we’ll use that one for sure. The kids had a blast trying something new.

Vertically Inclined Edmonton

It’s a fantastic winter activity there are birthday party options where you can bring your own goodies and snacks, get some instruction and have some fun climbing the walls for $20/kid. If you’ve got around ten kids, the price is pretty comparable to a lot of the other local birthday party venues (and a lot more fun).

At 3, Violet was easily able to maneuver over my head to about eight feet up the wall, with a bit of prompting and a lot of up and down over and over again. At 6, Olivia easily made it up to nearly the top. As mentioned, both of the kids loved being let down the climbing wall, easily one of their favorite parts. It was great to see the progress being made each time they climbed the wall, and those wheels in their head turning about the next goal that they wanted to reach. Belaying and climbing with small kids, there was a lot of coming up and down, so expect that if it’s your first time.

Vertically Inclined Edmonton

Vertically Inclined is located at 8523 Argyll Road Edmonton. To learn more visit

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