Kids Edmonton Bucket List: Take part in A Giant Snow Fight #yegSnowFight

Last year we did something exciting with our then five year old son. We woke up, went about the morning and then drove to an announced location to take part in a snowball fight. A snowball fight that had friends and family, but also hundreds of other people that we didn’t know.

We donned mittens (and ski goggles for the kids) and threw snowballs for a good half hour filled with laughter and fun. It was all part of the first annual #YEGSnowFight, a snowball fight that you can sign up to get informed of the date and time, and give back, by bringing donations for the Edmonton Food Bank, while you do something that the kids are going to talk about for months and months after it’s over.

The first #yegsnowfight took place on December 7, 2014 and was a blast. Hundreds of people from all backgrounds showed up and had an awesome time. Robin and Jeff also partnered up with the Edmonton Foodbank, and #yegsnowfight participants showed up with cans of food and ended up filling a van with donations. All in all it was a blast!

This year, you can sign up for #YEGsnowfight and get alerted by email or text, of the date/time and location.

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