Little Kickers Gives Edmonton Kids Under 7 an Introduction to Soccer

Little Kickers is called the home of Preschool soccer for a reason – the program meshes childhood learning goals with soccer skills, to give children the chance to meet new friends in a non-competitive and engaging environment, while building off-field skills. 

There are four separate classes tailored specifically to the ages of children, between eighteen months old and seven years. Whether you’re introducing your kids to soccer for the first-time, or want a pressure-free environment for children to get active, you’ll find an option for the under seven crowd with Little Kickers.

Classes: Little Kicks, Junior Kickers, Mighty Kickers, Mega Kickers 

There are multiple locations around the city and each class teaches the basics of soccer in a fun, pressure-free environment. What does that mean? Little Kickers provides a positive introduction to sport as a whole, not just soccer. In addition to skills on the field, coaching will include early developmental skills like learning colours and numbers, following instructions and playing as part of a team. 

What are parents saying? 

“Awesome experience! Indoor and outdoor classes are both excellent. The coaching staff are great, drills are age-appropriate. My kids had fun, looked forward to going each weekend and was a good way to let them burn up energy in the morning.”

“Great program for children to learn fine motor skills and listening the coaches are patient and trained very well to handel even the wildest to the one who is scared and wants to cry. The class is filled with high fives positive energy and a well-done sticker at the end !! My family has something to look forward to on Sundays thanks Little Kickers Edmonton”

“My son is now into his second session with Little Kickers. We both look forward to his classes. He gets to run around and practice new skills and I am happy that he also gets to work on listening and following directions.”

How much does Little Kickers cost?

Finally, a flexible program for parents! Around here, some months are busier than others – maybe you’ve got a few weekends out of town planned, or a vacation. The flexible programming allows parents to pay just $68 per month to take part in the indoor/outdoor programming, for as many months as they choose. The one-time fee of $36.19 includes the jersey and shorts, and you can continue with the flexible monthly program, registering for your chosen class, for as many months that works for your family. 

Games are played indoors between September and May, and outdoors at local fields between May and September, rain or shine. 

Find a class near you (there are many, many locations to choose from in Edmonton and area) and register for Little Kickers at