One Business Resolution You Need to Make for 2021

2020 was a terrible year for so many businesses. The negative impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic was enormous for big and small businesses alike but with the development of successful vaccines, it is time for businesses to start looking towards the future. Marketing is key for the success of every company regardless of industry, and these days it is digital marketing that is the most effective in attracting new customers and boosting sales. There are many digital marketing tools available to businesses, but one of the most important is known as search engine optimization or SEO. 

To help all the business owners out there who are unfamiliar with SEO and the benefits it can bring, this article will answer the important questions in order to explain why learning how to use SEO is the one business resolution you need to make for 2021.

What is SEO?

SEO is the name given to a range of processes designed to lift a website to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). With so many websites on the Internet, Google has to make a decision on which websites are the best in order to give Google users the best possible experience. It does this by using special algorithms or “spiders” which compare websites and decide which are more authoritative with regard to a certain subject. The subjects are dictated by commonly searched terms or keywords. There are various different factors that decide how Google rates and ranks a website, and if just left to chance, it is very difficult to rank highly on the SERPs. Instead, each factor must be addressed systematically in order to maximize the website’s potential for attracting visitors. 

Why Is SEO Important?

Effective SEO is all about getting greater exposure for a website in order to increase the number of visitors. When a person searches for a specific term on Google or another search engine, they will then get a list of websites that the search engine has deemed can provide information related to their search query. The majority of web users will never even click below the first two or three results. That is why it is so important for businesses to ensure their websites are in these top few spots to ensure they are securing visitors (and potential customers) ahead of their competitors. If you plan on doing it yourself, it is vital to remember that the point of SEO is to boost the awareness of your website. It does not matter if you are selling the best product ever invented on your website, if no one ever visits the site, you will never sell a single one. There are many online guides that can help you with some SEO essentials which can make a huge difference to your website.

What Do You Need to Do First?

The first thing you need to do to be taken seriously by search engine algorithms is to ensure that visitors to your website have a positive experience. This means fixing all of the technical issues like slow page loading times or broken links which lead nowhere. There is nothing more frustrating for visitors than a website that doesn’t function smoothly and they will click off in seconds and never return if your site has issues. Search engines like Google want their users to have a great experience on every website which is recommended to them so if their algorithms detect technical issues on your website, its ranking will be downgraded immediately. Visit your website and put yourself in the shoes of someone who is visiting for the first time. Ask yourself honestly if everything is running smoothly, if the website is interesting to look at, and whether you would come back and visit again.

How Can You Maximize the Potential?

Once any issues have been addressed, you can then really start focusing on the content of your website. All content should be engaging and unique and should be tailored to being informative and relevant with regard to likely search queries. Conduct keyword research to find out which words and phrases are most commonly searched for and ensure that these keywords are implemented in your content. Reach out to authority sites to see if they will put backlinks to your website within their content as this is a huge determining factor for how you will rank. Everything must be done strategically but appear natural or the algorithms will flag your website for trying to game the system.

Every industry these days is so competitive, and as businesses look to emerge again from the ashes of 2021, it has never been so important to stand out from the crowd. SEO will ensure that your business’s website is ranked highly by Google and the other search engines which will lead to more visitors and increased sales. If you are still unsure about the benefits SEO can bring to your business, speak to an SEO professional for advice on where to start.