Parents: You Can Join this Local Toy Library for as low as $15/Month

There’s a toy library that just opened in Sherwood Park with a convenient pick-up location and an impressive selection of ever-growing toys. The Village Toy Share is open for business, accepting memberships, and is your answer to simplifying the ‘kid stuff’ part of your life.

Three years ago, we sold or donated eighty percent of the things in our home. We stopped buying ‘stuff’ and started using that money for more adventure, experiences and travel. Three kids in, we’re now at a point where we’ve got a handful of toys, part of that an impressive collection of Magformers and a fully-stocked art supply closet. We have no toy room, toy boxes or shelves stuffed with toys. We still have three kids, one a toddler, who adores playing with toys – a toy library is an incredible resource for our lifestyle.


How does the Toy Library work? 

The Village Toy Share is a toy library rental program in Sherwood Park, open to all of Edmonton area. Instead of buying toys, accumulating the toys in your home, and spending more money every month on toys; you can join the membership program and rent a ‘toy kit’ with rotating things to play with, every month. The Village Toy Share has toys for kids from infants to tweens.

There are four different membership options, with add on perks like free delivery and pick-up, extended rental time, or being able to choose the toys in your kit.

Your first step is to create an account with The Village Toy Share

Choose Your Membership

When you’ve created your account, choose your membership type. Like we said, there are four different levels ranging in price; from the basic plan at $15/month to the ultimate plan at $35/ month. For an extra $5 a month you can build in the ‘freedom’ pass and choose the toys you rent, or the ‘plus’ add-on where you can get the toys delivered and picked up from your home.

Choose Your Pick-up Date/Time

Next, choose a convenient day to pick up the toys. Keep in mind that you’ll have the toys for one month. For a ‘plus’ add-on, you can choose to have the toys delivered, and picked up at your home. You’ll have a four-hour window for pick up, at the convenient Sherwood Park location.

Browse the Toy Library (Optional)

Each item in the toy library is assigned a number of credits, and each membership has a specific number of credits that you can spend as part of your membership. If you’ve chosen the ‘freedom’ add-on, you can choose your toys. Or, if you haven’t, you’ll be assigned a package based on the ages/preferences in your profile.

We wanted to choose the toys, so as an add on to the premium package, we chose the freedom perk, allowing us to choose our toys in our kit. This month, I chose the B-toys Marble Run, the Disney Little People Frozen 2 Play set that has been on the top of our kiddo’s Wishlist for toys, and a fort building kit (50 credits each). If you go this route, you’ll add the items from the library to your wishlist, where you can then add the items to your upcoming kit. Don’t forget to click to ‘submit’ your kit, and you’re all set.

Pick up Your Toys

When it comes time to pick up your toys, you visit the convenient location in Sherwood Park. The parent-run business will even deliver the toys to your vehicle – hello, convenience! With plenty of parking and a quick trip to the lower level of the building, pick up is made simple!

Return Your Toys – and repeat

One month later when the toy rental period is up, you can drop back and exchange your toys for something new, or arrange for the toys to be picked up/delivered. Rinse, repeat and you’ve got new toys every month, for every stage, without the toy clutter in your home.

What happens if a toy becomes lost or broken? Sometimes children misplace pieces or they get mixed in with other sets. Children can sometimes be more bulldozer than hummingbirds, The Village Toy Shares, says. If there are critical pieces that are missing or broken, they replace them from their stock of spare parts, using a percent of the toy’s original value.

Do you want to learn more? Change your home? Explore minimalism and reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ you’re bringing into your home? Become at member at The Village Toy Share, visit

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