Xbox Big Screen Party

Party Inspiration: Xbox Big Screen Parties at Cineplex

A gaming party on the big screen at Cineplex allows you to have a party for 8-12 children or teens, with Xbox games on the big screen for two hours of game play in an auditorium all to yourselves.

It’s a fun birthday party idea for gamer kids, and you can either choose from the list of Xbox games available, or bring your own game (Xbox is the only platform available). To enhance the game play, the fewer kids the better, to allow for more opportunities to play, and choosing games that allow multiple players to play at the same time helps.

What’s the Party Cost?

The party price is pretty comparable for a two hour party, with the base price for the rental of the auditorium and a host to help with the games coming in at $179. Concessions can be purchased with the party for 30% off, helping to reduce the cost – and you can book things like candy and drinks, at the time of the party to take advantage of the discount.

When you choose your option for the theatre, you will be given the options available for food when you book your party. For example, booking a party at ours gave us the option of Starbucks, Pizza 73, Outtakes – as additional concession, assuming that we order when we get there.

To book an Xbox Big Screen birthday party, you can use this party calculator to find your closest location, fee and concession costs – and book the complete party online. As a bonus for booking, you will receive 1,000 Scene Points with every completed party (enough for a free movie).

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