Pick a Name Off of the Tree and Stuff a Stocking for a Senior with London Drugs

Stocking Stuffers for Seniors is back and it’s one of our favourite ways to give back to the community through the holiday season. It’s one of the acts of kindness that we encourage the kids to take part in through the holidays, and it’s something that they talk about and recall, all year long.



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Somewhere along the way in Violet’s six years, someone told her she had a “Grandma name”. She searched through the @londondrugs #stockingstuffersforseniors tree to find another Violet (I adore age six) and didn’t find it – but found Dan, and shopped to fill a stocking for him. She chose him because they share a love for blankets with photos of dogs on them and thoughtfully sniffed every fragrance of body wash before choosing one that she thought he would enjoy most. She went with Sandalwood, because she didn’t want him to smell like toothpaste (the mint eucalyptus) and we had a few teaching moments that included toilet paper not really being a “toiletry” and the fact that he probably wouldn’t need pink lip gloss (he could give it to his wife). We brought home the things we found at London Drugs, and she’s working on a letter to include in the stocking with a picture she’s making for Dan. This is one of our favourite holiday giving activities, and something that our kids talk about constantly throughout the year. The stocking stuffer program is so easy. Just stop by your local @londondrugs store, pick a senior to gift a stocking to and buy some of the items on their wishlist. It’s so low cost, but makes an incredible community impact and we’re so proud to partner this year. If you’re looking for us, we’ll be over here searching for the perfect picture frame for Adrian, Stella’s choice. #yeg #yeggers #yeglocal #yegfamily @harper_pr #yegkids #edmonton #edmontonfamily #edmontonkids #holidaygiving #raisingmytribe #ad

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They put so much thought into the person that they’re shopping for, and it’s immediately apparent when they choose the items with so much care. Thinking about the named senior that they’ve chosen, and the little extras they choose to include, like a note for their wall, or a Christmas card.

How does #Stockingstuffersforseniors work?

  1. Visit your local London Drugs Store and choose a gift tag from the tree
  2. Fill a stocking with some of the Senior’s wishlist items
  3. Drop the stocking stuffers at London Drugs – they’ll package it to get it ready for Christmas!
  4. Create a bit of happiness this holiday season

How much does it cost? On average, we’ve spent between $30-40 on the items for the stocking. You can find all of the items you need at London Drugs, or you can bring the cards home with you, if there’s something specific you had in mind, returning the cards before the date written on the them, back to London Drugs.

As we tend to have a lot going on during the holidays, I try to encourage the kids to find the items they would like to place in the stocking at London Drugs – then, we bring the stocking items home to separate them and include their letters, cards and drawings that they would like to put in the stocking.

Visit www.londondrugs.com to learn more about the Stocking Stuffers for Seniors program and how you can take part with your kids through the holidays.

Thank you to London Drugs, for partnering with us to help spread the word about this program to our audience. London Drugs provided us with a gift card to help stock a couple of extra stockings for Seniors this year (though we would have gladly taken part in the program anwyay).