Play at Sweet Pea Cafe & Playhouse for only $4.95 Until the End of February

Sweetpea Cafe & Playhouse is one of our youngest squad’s favourite places to play. It’s the gorgeous local play space designed like a tiny village, and filled with imaginative play opportunities.

Until the end of February, parents can enjoy $4.95 admission for play time for the kids, all day, everyday. That’s almost half off – the regular price for the hour long playdate session is $8.95. 

How can you book your playtime?

Playtimes can be booked online at Play times can be booked within the next two weeks from today’s date, and are an hour long in length.

Here are a few things that you should know before you go: 

  • If you would like to play for more than one hour, book the hours together online. The playhouse can get quite busy during prime booking times and you don’t want to chance it!
  • No shoes, socks on policy so make sure your kids don’t skip out of the house without their socks on (we keep a couple of pairs of socks in the car for this reason, ours skip out of there on the regular without them)
  • The playhouse is designed for kids eight and under, but we found it best for the six and under crowd
  • Sunday brings specials like $3 waffles – a favourite for our kiddos. If you want to do a cheap breakfast and play combo, it’s a great time to do it (Mimosas are on special for $4 too)
  • Babies are free with another paid admission child if they are under the age of 12 months
  • This isn’t a drop-off play, you must remain with your child on the playhouse side of the cafe, rather than dropping them off to play and sitting on the cafe side.

Catch you in the playroom, friends.