Play Better Golf With These Helpful Tips From Pros

There’s nothing more pleasurable on a sunny day than doing a round of golf, especially if it’s with friends. There are the beautiful scenery and the chance of some healthy exercise. Added to that is the fun of playing a game against someone else, and of observing your improvement. 

Golfers range from beginners to intermediate, from seasoned players to professionals. As with any sport, there is never a time to stop learning. There is always room for improvement. In turn this will make the whole experience more pleasurable. We will now look at some helpful tips suggested by the professionals. 

Take Golf Lessons

This way, beginners can learn how to gain the right posture and use the right irons from the start. It is highly beneficial having an extra set of eyes to watch your playing. They will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Without tuition, a person may not discover why they keep getting aching muscles or hit the ball too high or too low. 

The internet offers much free guidance for learners. The professionals at say many people are searching online for details of lessons near them. They want tutors in their state, and may even wish to become a swing coach. People want to specify if the lessons are for children or for beginners. 

Make Your Practice Strategic  

Don’t simply hit random balls one after the other across the green. Address your weaknesses and prevent injuries. Do you struggle with distance shots or with specific irons? Focus on them, as well as consolidating your strong points. 

This could also be a good time to discover the true distance of your shots. Many golfers think they have hit further than they really have. 

Interestingly, even miniature golf will have its practice value. If accuracy is one of your areas to brush up on, this will be ideal. 

Be Wise The Night Before Play

Let’s face it: all your lessons and practice may mean nothing if you have a late-night before a tournament. Anyone who is sleep deprived or hungover will have impaired levels of concentration. Competitions usually start early, so be sure to have an early night. 

If you are familiar with the course you will be playing tomorrow, it’s well worth visualizing you playing each hole, one after another. Use your imagination to see how you will play and the strategies you will use to win. As strange as this may sound, any Olympic competitor will be able to vouch for the value of visualization. 

Understand All The Factors Involved

A beginner may be totally unaware of the effect rain will have upon their shots. The same goes for windy days. It’s therefore advisable to practice in varying conditions. Learn how you can play into the wind and elevate the ball. 

Check the golfing range in advance to identify any potential hazards too. 

Learn The Power Of Concentration

The practice of mindfulness is all about living in the moment. Learn to play the game one hole at a time, and break this down further into one shot at a time. 

One major enemy of concentration will be the score. This may occur whether you are winning or losing. Anyone thinking about what the score could be after the next hole will be robbed of focus as they prepare to take their shot. 

Warm Up Beforehand

By practicing before the tournament you will be aided mentally, and be able to limber up your body. A sense of rhythm and getting into your stride should manifest. 

First of all concentrate on speed and timing using the practice green. Then move on to the practice range. Firstly use a wedge and then middle. Finally, use long irons. Now think about the first shot you will be taking on the green. Practice this in anticipation. 

The Swing

Try not to tense up your muscles. Grip the iron with your fingers rather than your palm. Make sure your feet are standing a shoulder-width apart as you take the shot. Keep your eye on the ball and stay looking down once you have made the shot. Use your ears rather than your eyes to see where the ball lands. 

There may be many areas for you to work on, be they posture or how to hit at speed. Learn how to not hit too high or too low. The learning process is all part of the fun, so don’t take yourself too seriously. As time goes by you can become a competent golfer – imagine that!