Pop-up Light and Energy Playground Coming to Edmonton for Design Week | September 22-30

There’s magic to be experienced in Edmonton in every season, and this year, as part of design week Nuit Blanche Edmonton and the Department of Urban Renewal have come together to bring an interactive art playground for adults and children, literally lighting up the night and creating energy in the downtown core.

Fifteen interactive illuminated see‐saws “IMPULSE” and six giant zoetropes “LOOP” will transform the Quarters into a space of urban play. Members of the public are invited to sit down and activate LOOP and IMPULSE, causing light and sound to intensify and beautiful fairy tale images to come to life.

The Impulse and Loop playground will span an entire city block, and light up as the structures are played on and in, creating energy, light, music and sounds.

It’s a completely free, family-friendly experience as part of design week, where you might just want to find a reason to stay up past bedtime and take advantage of those nights when it’s getting dark earlier, and earlier every week. During Design week, sunset is at 7:32 pm, meaning that you’re not going to have to stay up too late to experience this magical playground after day, but it’s open all day and all night, in case you want to skip the late-bedtime.

Find the Impulse and Loop playground in the Quarters Neighbourhood at 96 Street and 102/103 A Ave between September 22-30, 2017.

Photo: Trendhunter

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