Social Issue: Racial Discrimination Among Youth

Racial discrimination has been a major social issue globally and is increasing among youth. In one way or another, many young people perceive themselves as racial discrimination victims if they are a minority in a given social set-up.

The experiences may affect the growth of adolescents and their ability to cope with the learning environment as they interact with their majority counterparts. It is important to understand various aspects of racial discrimination that may allow the youth to adapt socially in a different environment.

Online racial discrimination

Online racial discrimination is excluding people or groups of people based on race using voice, images, video, graphic representations, and symbols. Many adolescents are constantly using social media as a primary way of connecting with each other.

Social media use requires revealing identity and this can expose a person to racial discrimination. Additionally, the victims’ online interactions can easily be tracked as long as they are constantly carrying and accessing their mobile phones.

In most cases, online racial discrimination is based on gender, race, and age differences and such details can be captured through mobile phones or other devices.

The victims may be treated unfairly based on ethnic or racial background by exclusion from a particular online space. Cloaked sites that look legitimate may also be created to spread wrongful information about the culture of a particular ethnic group.

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Coping in different learning environments

The modern education prompts many people to study abroad as they pursue growth opportunities and have different life experiences. Studying in Germany, Australia or any advanced country as such can be an option for you due to convenience in terms of means of transport, cleanliness, and the general focus on discipline.

Despite some incidences of racial discrimination, the German education system may expose learners to taking oral exams that they may not find in home countries.

The education system can be trusted because it is focused on dynamic aspects such as creating an eco-friendly environment and embracing punctuality. The individuals don’t have to fear being victims of racial discrimination because Germans are generally very friendly and therefore, it is easy to cultivate friendship.

An individual can deliberately begin a friendly conversation without any mention of culture or race. At the beginning of studies, learners may opt to connect with locals during weekends and pursue this friendship at the classroom level.

Effects of racial discrimination among youth

Racial discrimination among youth poses diverse challenges that affect how people interact and cope with the changing environment. There are significant relationships between racial discrimination and negative physical and mental health among the youth. When people realize that they face racial discrimination based on their color or race, they tend to be disintegrated and mentally disturbed.

These physical disturbances may have negative implications on their studies and contribute to poor performance. In the long run, poor performance can make the victim miss great employment opportunities, thereby affecting their economic well-being.

In some extreme cases, the victim may exhibit symptoms of anxiety, depression, and, consequently, drug abuse, especially when negative messages about the go viral. This may happen in cases where a country does not take deliberately attempt to protect the minorities.

Moving Forward and Raising Anti-Racist Kids 

One of the best ways of addressing the issue of racial discrimination is to deliberately address the sources of discrimination.

The idea is to deal with the influencing situations first instead of trying to change the individuals. The strategies should be geared towards improving intergroup relations to encourage friendly interactions.

Activities and programs should be geared towards creating awareness about behavior exhibited against an individual or group of a particular race or ethnicity.

This should be the basis of setting antidiscrimination rules and ensuring that they are adhered to. The people in authority should lead by example by ensuring equal employment opportunities among staff in institutions and the rest can follow.

Online racial discrimination is common among youth because of the increased use of electronic devices. Learners can effectively cope in different environments if they deliberately choose to create a friendly environment. It is worth noting that any strategies to deal with racial discrimination may not guarantee results but should be pursued anyway.