Reclining Chairs, Cheap Tickets and The Only Place You’re Going to Catch a Movie with the Kids: Landmark Cinemas St. Albert

Once you go recliner, you never go back. 

You’re going to have a new favourite place to watch movies at Jensen Lakes in St. Albert. The new Landmark movie theatre is filled with reclining chairs and seat dividers that can be lifted up, enabling you to catch a movie in comfort and snuggle with your movie date!

If you’re nine, you might just say that it’s the most luxurious place you’ve ever been. There’s something about sitting in the movie theatre in a reclining chair that screams luxury to a nine year old – to us, it’s the most comfortable way to watch a movie.

The popcorn is GREAT and we liked the selection of extras like pretzels and ice cream. Skip the cup of cookies for sale at the theatre. There wasn’t one person in our family of five who thought they were yummy.

Bring a blanket with you. A small blanket is going to make sure you’re cozy while you’re watching the movie.

Plus, there’s Coca Cola Freestyle! That’s one of our favourite things about the movie theatre. We love the fact that you can fill up your cup with your choice, customizing your beverage. Seriously, if you haven’t mixed and mingled with the drinks with the Coca Cola Freestyle – you’re missing out!

How much does it cost?

Morning ticket $8.99
Kids Day Box (ticket, popcorn, drink and treat) $13.77
Regular ticket $13.75

The regular admission to the theatre with general admission for adults is $13.75 – and if you take advantage of a morning ticket you can grab it for $8.99. That’s an inexpensive way to bring the kids to the movies and even get snacks for them!

See what’s playing and find showtimes for Landmark Cinemas at