Roles and Responsibilities of a Software Engineer

When you think of Software Engineers, what image exactly comes to your mind? A person that sits alone in a dark room and listens to techno music while typing madly on the computer or maybe you envision an individual that is wearing headphones and afterward going to an office meeting? Well, a  software engineer uses computer science principles. They help him to develop software solutions that will fill out the needs, as well as the wants of any type of business or consumers. 

Software engineers also create many types of solutions, for instance, web and desktop applications, games, mobile apps, robots, network and operating systems, and so on. All that is possible by using programming frameworks, languages, databases, servers, and other technologies that help them to turn the initial idea into a final product and reality. 

Since software engineers work on many types of projects, they also have varying job responsibilities and roles. If you are unsure of what those would be, keep reading this article and you will find the answer. 


First and foremost, thanks to strong industry demand, as well as software engineer’s own technical expertise, those that are skilled on both the applications and all sides of the system are compensated well. The average annual salary for applications developers for instance is between around 103 and 110 thousand dollars for systems developers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics list. Of course, that is if they only pass the interview for which they need a lot of practice. There are many ways to prepare, and as experts from would say, software engineers, hone their technical skills through those practices. System and applications developer jobs are not the only two positions that are available in the field. The most common role includes mobile development. Other next in a row are quality assurance analysts, applications architects,  and database administrators. 


Since the software engineering field is broad, developers have various sets of technical expertise. Those would include building computer information systems or maintaining network security. Basically, there are two types of software engineers

First are applications software developers and second systems software developers.

Applications Software 

  • They are client-focused
  • Designing the software for end-user to interact with
  • Develop applications for Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, and so on
  • Conducting requirements analysis
  • Releasing updates and tweaking software on a regular basis
  • They are both Front-end or back-end
  • Usually, they work with project managers, graphic designers, customer success staff as well as marketers

Systems Software Developers

  • Building networks as well as operating systems for user-facing applications
  • They are responsible for both the software and hardware needs
  • Integration of disparate software products onto one platform
  • Often work as general IT managers and systems architects
  • Design and enforcement of IT standards
  • Maintenance of IT documentation and updating them to new technologies
  • They are mostly back-end
  • Usually, they work with data science professionals, development teams, senior management, and senior systems architects 

Difference Between Programmer, Software Engineer, and a Web Developer

If you are thinking about a job in coding, most likely you have seen a variety of titles for roles in the field. For instance, programmer, software engineer, or web developer. Between these roles, there is a certain amount of overlap. It is possible that you might find throughout your career journey, that some businesses will use different names in order to refer to the same job description. 

As an example, some firms will refer to their programmers as front-end engineers or as web developers, while other companies find it more comfortable when they refer to them as UI or software engineers. Although, there are a few ways that can help you to spot the differences between web developers, software engineers, and programmers. Web developers are mainly focused on creating browser apps.

In the majority of cases, they are involved in building user-facing applications, as well as designing interactive websites. Software engineers will work on computer systems as a whole and develop apps and programs that will help users to perform many different activities. 

Even if their job descriptions do slightly differ, they still are under the same development “assemble”. The main distinction that is needed to understand is the one between the back and front-end programming, no matter if you are simply running hidden processes inside a database server or designing surface-level UI.

As seen, software engineering is applied in many ways. The overall job outlook on software engineers is quite promising, to say the least, especially when increasing demand for technology solutions is added to the mixture. 

This brief description of the responsibilities and roles of software engineers is just basic knowledge you need in order to understand what they do.