Six Kids Cooking Classes in Edmonton for Kids in November | 2017

Between fall break and PD Days, there are a handful of days that kids will have off of school this month, depending on their school district. Finding a few new and exciting things to do with them, that aren’t going to break the bank, can help to mix things up a little – and get those kids that love spending time in the kitchen, some additional face time to discover a few new recipes.

Here are six kids cooking classes your kids can take in November 

Mexican Flavour Fiesta | November 1
Most kids are quickly drawn to Mexican cuisine because of its bright colours, fabulous flavours and delightful aromas! Today we invite you and your little one to join us for a fun-filled fiesta where you’ll create yummy Mini Chicken Avocado Tacos and creamy Guacamole with Veggies to Dip.

Easy one pot Cooking | November 9
Please Note – This is a drop off program The part of cooking that nobody likes is the cleanup. That’s why one-pot dishes are great, because the cleanup is fast and easy. In this class we’ll help your kids create one-pot sensations they’ll be excited to share with you at home, including One-Pot Lasagna Soup; One-Pot Chicken Burrito Filling that they’ll wrap up; and a delectable One Pot Cherry Dump Cake for dessert.

Baking Holiday Memories | November 18
Let the holiday magic begin: join our PC Cooking School Instructor and kick off the holidays with this jolly and festive class! In this interactive, hands-on class, our Instructor will serve as tour guide as you and your children bake holiday’s memories. Your family will leave the class with desire to try new foods, plus the knowledge and skills to tackle meal-time. $15 per person (adult or child) (Each child must be accompanied by an adult). Suitable for children 6 years old and over.

Cheesy Comfort Food | November 23
This is a drop off program Cheese is high in protein, calcium and vitamin A, so it’s a good thing that most kids love cheese! In today’s class we’ll satisfy your kids cheese cravings as we help them prepare rich, creamy Cheesy Potato Soup; ooey, gooey Cheesy Mac & Cheese with Broccoli & Bacon; and scrumptious Berries & Cream Crepes for dessert.

Irresistable Breakfast Food | November 29
No one in your home will skip breakfast again once you serve up the irresistible dishes that you and your young chef will create in this taste bud tantalizing class. Your mouth-watering morning menu includes hearty Bacon & Egg-Filled Breakfast in a Blanket Crescent Rolls and sweet, creamy Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits.

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