Slide the City Coming Back to Edmonton in 2016 (Here’s What You Need to Know)

We had a ton of fun at slide the city last year. The line up was worth the wait, according to the six and nine year olds – but there were a few things that we wanted to share to make sure you’re going to have the best possible experience the next time around.

This year, Slide the City Edmonton is going to be held on July 23, 2016.

Now, for the helpful Slide the City tips: 

Can Your Kid Slide? For slide the city, kids must be at least five years old and 46″ in height. Sad for the younger ones that just have to watch, so we suggest a fun parent and kid date with the older children in the family, rather than bringing along the young ones who just want to get in on the fun!

Pair up for the Line Up. Have one person wait in line for the tubes, and the other person get the registration information. We did this, and it helped to save us some time waiting in line. It was packed. Overall, we waited about forty minutes to slide once, but like we mentioned above, the kids thought it was worth it and the environment was fun.

Use Slide the City Tubes. Use the Slide the City Tubes. Trust me. We tried to go down, as adults, on our own tubes and they didn’t work that great. The inner tubes worked best, way better than the flip flop floatie, and surf board, long floatie that we had. There’s minimal water in the circuit, making it harder for larger floaties.

Send a Parent to the Bottom. It’s a long way from the bottom to the top, so make sure there is a parent or supervisor down there if you’re letting six year olds go it alone. That way, you’re not going to have to run down the hill to try and find your kid.

Bring Cash. Bring cash for food and drinks while you’re there, at the hill. Or stash it with a friend who is waiting at the bottom so you don’t have to worry about it while you’re accompanying kids down the slide.

Buy Tickets Early. The last time around, tickets sold out early. Another day was released, so there was a second chance to get tickets – but buying tickets early gets you a reduced price for them. You can buy tickets for Slide the City Edmonton 2016 at

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