Smart Ways You Can Ship Your Car To A New Home Without Any Danger 

Moving to a new home is considered one of the most stressful situations that you’d encounter as an adult. Perhaps the hardest part is the emotional burden you feel when saying goodbye to a place you once called home.  What’s equally daunting though is the process of packing, shipping, and unpacking, and it can be pretty intense, to say the least. While packing your personal items and furniture is tiring, there are hundreds of specialized moving companies that can help you get it done in an efficient and precise manner. 

However, the same cannot be said for shipping your car. The challenge of shipping your car is especially true if you’re moving across the border as the risks and costs are much higher. Since you can’t physically have much control to oversee your car shipment, you need to read the suggestions below. Here are some smart ways to ship your car to a new home without any danger.

Find a Trusted Driver 

If you’re not up to the job yourself, a smart way to ship your car is to hire a trusted driver. If you’re lucky, a friend or a family member would do it for you as a going away gift. Yet, if your friends are more of a photo-collage and card kind of people, you can always pay someone to drive your car to your new home. Paying someone to drive your car is a fairly easy and cheap method for door-to-door shipping. However, this ease comes at the cost of your peace of mind because there’s no guarantee the stranger driver is a dependable professional. Try to be as vigilant as you can when you’re searching for a driver for this mission. Ask all the questions that you want no matter how unreasonable they might sound. Furthermore, call your insurance company prior to the shipping date and make sure your vehicle is covered against theft.

Hire a Professional Auto-Transport Company

Hiring a company specialized in auto-shipping is one of the smartest ways you can get this job done. Ask your friends and colleagues who’ve gone through the same process to give you their recommendations. Otherwise, you can do your own research to find the best shippers out there. The professionals behind recommend comparing price rates and then check customer reviews for further verification when checking shipping rates out there. Keep in mind while searching that there are some flags to make you run the other way! Paying a deposit in advance is certainly one of them. Professional auto-transport companies never ask for a deposit, instead, they charge and collect the full amount on delivery.

Use an Enclosed Truck

This is one of the smartest methods if you’re moving to a place where the weather is unstable. Or, maybe you’ve just invested in a classic vintage car that cost you a fortune, then hiring an enclosed truck is right for you to protect your precious car while out on the road. It might cost you a little more than you had initially planned, but it’s a service worth the price. Your car will arrive in tiptop shape and as clean as when you first got it.

Ship Your Car by Train

If you live somewhere where there’s an efficient railway system, you should consider it as a viable option to ship your car to your new home. Trains are often cheap and reliable, they also constitute a good method to ensure the safety of your car. The only problem with trains is the inaccurate delivery time. There’s no possible way you can guarantee that the trains stick to their planned timetables. However, if you’re not in a rush to receive your car, that won’t be that big of an issue. Otherwise, you can also plan to ship it ahead of time to give yourself enough room for the possible delay.

Drive it Yourself

If all else fails, the last best thing is to ship your car by yourself. You can make a road trip out of it after the stressful days you spent packing and boxing your stuff. Pick up a map and plan an itinerary to introduce your family to your new home. Driving the car with your family is a great opportunity if the kids aren’t necessarily excited about the whole relocation idea. It’s safe, easy, and most importantly completely free of charge, all you need is a full tank and you’re good to go.

Moving into a new home is never simple. It requires lots of planning and organizing to make sure you’re doing it right and in the most cost-efficient way. When it comes to shipping your car, the above ideas should be enough to help you with this seemingly challenging task. After you take care of this detail, you’ll be able to start your new life on the right foot.