Staying Safe, And Having Fun On A Family & Pets Day Out In Edmonton

Part of Edmonton’s beauty is the wonderful green environment which surrounds it. As well as promoting efforts to preserve the natural landscape, investors and the local authority have also sought to increase the number and quality of activity opportunities in and around the city. According to Dialog Design, the most recent beneficiary of this is the River Valley Outdoor Centre, which has received over $6.6 million in funding. With so many opportunities out there, it’s a more welcoming environment for families and their furry friends than ever before – but safety must come first.

Warmth and preparedness

It’s especially important to prepare when heading out for winter activities. 2023 has started in a mild sort of fashion but the temperatures outside will still bite – the Edmonton Journal have tracked temperatures in the -4 degrees celsius range. Children and pets are in particular need of responsible care in order to protect themselves. Dress appropriately for the day, and bring extras – waterproof clothing for kids, for instance, hats, scarves and gloves for all day, but also in layers, so if it gets warmer you can adapt. For pets, it’s important to have them checked out by vets before heading into long and cold outdoors trips, and to also ensure they have warm clothing where appropriate; while some dogs are designed to be out in snow, many others are not, and giving them that extra layer around their vital organs will make sure they stay healthy.

Finding the best route

It’s also important to keep the route appropriate to the skill level of your family. It’s unwise to head out on experienced or difficult trails, as children may well be unsafe or tired soon after embarking. Consider using trail-finding apps to find recommendations or, if in doubt, defer to the state. As the Edmonton government website highlights, there are fantastic low-impact trails right around the city. One of the best, the Mill Creek Ravine to North Saskatchewan, is a friendly 3.3 miles in length and features some great scenery – the perfect balance for adults, kids, and furry friends.

Keeping it interesting

All of nature should be exciting to kids and animals – but how about ramping it that little more to make it an exciting day out for those inquisitive creatures and kids on the day out? One of the most accessible and fun days out can be had at the iconic William Hawrelak Park, and it also boasts some of the best biodiversity and excitement to be had for kids and animals alike. The smells and intrigue of wildflowers and water bodies provide most of that, and are a great and safe way to enjoy a day out – even in the cold.

With safety given first priority, days out are a great way to bond with the family and enjoy the cold weather while staying active. Edmonton has a lot to offer, both in the city and out.