Summer Hack: You Can Get Slurpee Gift Voucher Booklets at 7Eleven

Summer has really started to feel like it’s arrived, and with the warm weather comes the request for cool treats. In our neighbourhood, you can almost see the constant flocks of kids either walking to, or home from 7Eleven with Slurpees in hand.

Sending the kids to get Slurpees with their friends usually results in them coming home with other junk food, candy or the last time they walked together – an entire pizza. To avoid the kids spending their entire allowance on junk food, we discovered a trick: Slurpee gift books!

These Slurpee coupons would be fantastic for summer reading incentive, keeping the allowance money spent on junk food to a minimum and as party favour for a summer birthday party. They are for a large, so keep this in mind.

TIP: If you’ve got two kids – or want to limit the sugar intake, we’ve let them take turns choosing flavours, and grab an extra cup to split the Slurpee in half. 

You can find the Slurpee gift books, in-store, at your local store. They’re located behind the counter, so ask the staff members when you visit about them.

The Slurpee gift books that come with five coupons inside for a Slurpee ($10.95/5 large Slurpees).