Tasteful and Touching Ways to Honor the Life of a Deceased  

Losing someone dear to us is a painful experience that – although many can relate to –, makes us all feel powerless. It takes time to overcome the grief and come to terms that they are gone. At that point, we don’t have much that we can do other than try and cherish the memories we had with the lost loved ones. One way you can overcome the grief of losing someone dear to you is by trying to remember those beautiful moments you shared while they were still alive. You can also do something to honor the life they had led and show the impact they had made before departing. Below are some touching ways you can honor the life of a deceased.

1. Make a Scrapbook of Their Life

The main way of honoring a deceased person’s life is by appreciating the impact they had when they were still alive. This can be done by making a scrapbook of their life. You can gather photos of them, or even videos of them, compile and make a digital or paper tribute that celebrates the life they had lived. These are usually the most memorable moments of their lives. Focus on their achievements and points where there were joy and fun. 

This helps remember them for their achievements and shows that you value every moment you had to spend with them. With this kind of tribute, even those who never had the chance to interact with them can have a glimpse of the kind of people they were.

2. Keep Their Remnants 

Different communities treat their dead differently. Some bury their departed, whereas, for others, cremation is the main tradition. Some people include how they want their bodies to be treated as part of their dying wishes. If cremation is suitable, the memorial guys over at greenmeadowmemorials.com/ suggest saving some ashes in a quality urn. Whether it is a keepsakes urn, a wood urn, photo urn, or themed urn, these containers provide a great way to honor the deceased’s life. You can hold on to the ashes until you feel it’s time to let go.

3. Dedicate an Event in Their Memory

You have probably heard, seen, or even attended events organized and held in memory of certain people who are no longer living. This is usually an excellent way to honor the life of a deceased. To do this, you have to consider what the deceased loved to do and impact many people. Choose such an event and make it happen every year. Every time such an event is held, you can have a tribute played to show how the deceased had led his life and the impact they had made while they were still alive.

4. Compose a Song

Some of the most beautiful songs are those dedicated to particular people. Composers of such songs are usually writing an emotion that makes such songs the best. You can decide to honor the memory of a loved one through a song, including in it their tributes. Such a composition is usually a good way of honoring the life of a deceased person. When the song plays at any time, you remember the time you had with the deceased and the impact they made when they were still alive.

5. Complete What They Had Started

At times, people die, and they leave behind unfinished projects. These projects most probably meant a lot to the deceased, and completing them would be one of the best ways to honor their lives. This would show your appreciation of their contribution to the world and a way of connecting to their sense of purpose. Completing what they had started can also be filling up the gap they left in people’s lives. 

If, for example, they had kids, you can step in and help the kids out where he did. If there was a role he had in the community, you could continue the good work they had started and brought it to completion. This would be one of the best ways to honor their memory.

6. Live a Life of Worthiness 

When we lose people that are very close to us, like our parents, sometimes it can be difficult to honor their memory. However, we can decide to be the reason society will live to remember them. We can do this by living the life that they so much struggled to help us achieve. Living the dreams they had and achieving the goals we had set with them is the greatest honor one can give a parent. We decide to make choices in life that portray the impact they had on our lives. Continuing the legacy they had started and taken it to even higher heights is an honor I am sure they would appreciate wherever they maybe.

Losing a loved one can bring grief and sorrow to our lives. It takes time for one to heal from such loss. We can then ease the grief by honoring the impact these people had on our lives and society. It’s not any joy to lose someone close, but in the case you do, consider doing one of the above in honor of their memory.