Teachers: Get the ‘Calm’ App ($59 Annual Fee) for FREE

In our house, the Calm app is a big thing. We use the stories at bedtime for kids (and the adult versions, like Ferris Bueller’s math teacher reading from an economic textbook, when we’re unable to sleep). We use the meditation sounds, the white noise, and use our annual subscription at least on a daily basis.

It’s one of the best $59 we spend every year.

More and more, over the years that our kids have been in school we’ve noticed an increase in mindfulness in our children’s classroom, and we’re here for that. So is Calm. They’re offering teachers free subscriptions, to help to create  mindfulness in the classroom.

Here’s what Calm has to say about the initiative – 

In today’s rapidly changing world, children face unique social and emotional challenges. Kids are experiencing greater pressures earlier in life, and feel more stress and anxiety than ever before.

What if their school day began with a few moments of quiet and stillness? Numerous studies have shown the many benefits of teaching mindfulness to children. Through mindfulness education, kids can develop a lifelong capacity for greater self-awareness, concentration, patience, and resilience.

Meanwhile, educators face pressures of their own. Many teachers understand the benefits of mindfulness, but they face time and budget constraints, making it challenging to bring mindfulness education to the classroom.

That’s why we’re launching The Calm Schools Initiative. We are offering every teacher in the world free access to Calm, the mindfulness app that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world use everyday. Our aim is to empower teachers with mindfulness tools and resources they can use to help kids learn this new skill.

Under this initiative, any teacher with a K-12 classroom, anywhere in the world, can get free access to Calm’s paid subscription service (available on Android, iOS and the web). Teachers will have unlimited access to our growing library of guided meditations and mindfulness exercises, including Calm Kids, our programs tailored for age groups from pre-K through high school. Over the coming year, we will be steadily adding to our Calm Kids library, equipping teachers with an ever-expanding supply of content crafted for the unique needs of their students.

Find the details, here.