The Benefits of Using an Insurance Broker

Insurance isn’t a one-off thing. Accidents happen all the time in our day-to-day lives, which is why it is important that we assure we have the right coverage to protect ourselves, our businesses, and our families. But insurance isn’t free – which is why we want to get the best coverage for the best price. That’s what having an insurance broker is for.

An insurance broker has access to a huge market and can assess your needs personally to ensure you are getting all that you need. They also behave as your advocate. Here are some of the main benefits of having an insurance broker at your side:

A broker can help you cut costs on your premiums.

Your insurance broker will work with a variety of different associates and has access to a range of deals on insurance coverage. They will always be able to find something that works for you! A broker can determine what your individual needs are in order to find a deal that checks all your boxes while fitting within your budget. 

A broker understands the ins and outs of the insurance scene where you live. For example: if you were shopping for Edmonton car insurance, a broker can give you some insight on the local scene and find the best coverage for you where you live.  

Also, due to their connections, a broker can negotiate competitive rates and even offer any discounts you may be eligible for!

Your broker may be able to expedite the claims payout process.

A broker will be there for you in the event of a loss or a claim. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, your broker will be able to answer them for you and assure you. Most importantly, a broker will always be in your corner to ensure that you receive your settlement fairly and quickly.

Your advice always comes from a place of experience and professionalism.

A broker’s job is to be aware of what your needs are and offer you advice accordingly. Brokers are experts in the realm of insurance and can keep you up to date on any new products, discounts, etc. An insurance agent will be limited to the products and services that come from the company they work for, where a  broker has access to a much larger community and can draw from a huge realm of past experiences and services when offering you advice. 

A broker looks after you first.

Brokers must abide by certain regulations. A broker treats you fairly because you come before any insurance company they are associated with and so they will ensure that you get the best coverage for the most affordable cost. Furthermore, they are your advocate for any claims disputes, they make recommendations that benefit you (not the insurance company), and will answer any and all questions you might have. 

Overall, an insurance broker can save you plenty of time, effort, and stress by negotiating a great deal for you and continually offering you advice when you need it. Put simply, it’s worth it to use an insurance broker.