The Best Communities to Raise a Family in Edmonton

Edmonton’s Best Areas for Raising a Family

There’s no doubt that Edmonton is a fantastic place to raise a family, it combines all the amenities of a bustling city with the quiet suburban life people crave.

Joined to a number of smaller towns and communities ‘the gateway to the north’ is a fantastic place to live. Edmonton actually has the largest urban greenbelt in North America (the river valley), which is a a gorgeous place to spend a weekend, and raise a family near. We spend countless days exploring the River Valley, and we’ve yet to explore all of the trails!

Dotted around the city are many beautifully maintained parks and public spaces. Many of these have facilities for children to play sport in, and others are just for scenic relaxation.

So what areas in Edmonton are best to raise a family in? Read on to find out.

Where to Raise a Family in Edmonton 

As with any city prices are at a premium the closer you are to the centre. So you need to balance your choice between budget and practicality. Public transport is fantastic so commuting into the city isn’t too hard if you choose a slightly more affordable property in the suburbs, like Sherwood Park or St. Albert.


Located just above the North Saskatchewan River valley, Glenora is a beautiful residential Neighbourhood for families. Highly sought after, it is mostly comprised of existing developments that have been in existence for a while. However there are newly built homes too, such as those from FC Developments a custom home builder here in Edmonton. 

It’s a fairly costly area but is well worth the price tag if you can set up shop here. There are four schools in the area and plenty of parks for kids sports and playdates. Plus, did we mention that the infill houses are absolutely stunning?

Bonnie Doon

This area is a little more out of the way, south of the river and has so many shops, new developments and restaurants that are popping up. Plus, there’s the new nature-themed playground that’s opening soon. Bonnie Doon has excellent school ratings and is very close to beautiful greenery all around. Specifically Mount Pleasant School has received terrific reports and if you can get your child in here it would be a fantastic advantage.


Located in the South West this is the most affordable of the areas we’re highlighting. Yet it doesn’t compromise on quality of housing, schooling, scenery or general ambiance.  Ambleside is a safe and comforting place to bring up a family. Overall this is a great pick as it balances positive factors with affordability and good transport links to the city centre.

What are some of your top choices for family-friendly areas in Edmonton?