The Best Online Tutoring Platforms

The best online tutoring platforms offer a variety of features to help tutors manage their businesses. These include a flexible payment system, automated invoices, and account access from any computer. In addition, they remove scheduling conflicts and send automatic lesson reminders. Moreover, these platforms continue to evolve as tutoring companies continue to grow. They are a great choice for growing tutoring businesses.


TutorEye is a great online tutoring platform for students of all ages. This platform connects students with an expert tutor in under 30 seconds and offers a variety of tutoring packages. These packages are tailored to the learning styles of each student. TutorEye also features a digital whiteboard with helpful features that allow students and parents to track their progress during sessions.

TutorEye’s tutors have at least a bachelor’s degree and can use a microphone or webcam to conduct live study sessions with students. TutorEye also offers step-by-step written tutorials. TutorEye offers a subscription plan and pay-per-minute options. A monthly plan costs around $50 for up to two hours of tutoring.

First Tutors

First Tutors is a platform that matches students with tutors. Students can browse tutor profiles and search for a tutor based on their subject area and preferred language. Tutors can also customize their profile and organize their schedules and appointments. The platform also allows students and tutors to discuss the initial needs for tutoring. In addition, the student can also purchase a tutor’s full contact information.

Tutors can provide their services in person or online. However, it’s important to note that some platforms will charge their tutors. It’s important to choose a platform that won’t charge their tutors and offers reviews and credentials of tutors.


The GoStudent online tutoring platform is a new way to connect with a private tutor. It’s completely free and allows you to chat with a tutor in real time. The platform uses AI technology to diagnose your tutoring needs and match you with the perfect tutor. It’s a completely new way to learn and the first truly scalable online tutoring platform.

GoStudent is a Vienna-based company that provides online tutoring services in twenty subjects. Founded in 2016, it has over 1.5 million lessons taught. The company has received positive reviews from students and has a 4.5 Trustpilot score. It’s also been featured in leading international publications. The platform is available on a computer or a mobile device. It has features like a whiteboard, screen sharing, and an ability to edit documents with a tutor.


The Superprof online tutoring platform helps teachers advertise their services to potential students. Teachers can post their profiles and offer free first classes to students. These first sessions will help both parties understand each other’s needs. Additionally, Superprof allows tutors to reach out to students through Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and WhatsApp. After the free first session, both parties can decide whether they want to charge for their services.

Superprof also allows tutors to set their own rates. There is no need to undergo a DBS check or go through a rigorous application process. Instead, tutors only pay a small commission from each lesson. However, they can set their own prices according to their experience, subject, and level of expertise. Superprof accepts payments through Stripe, a payment gateway with a high level of security.