The Best Platforms to Practise English with Your Kids

As we all know, English is an international language and in this progressing world, learning and understanding English for everyone is a must.

When we were kids, we gradually learned our mother language by speaking and practising regularly. Learning English also duplicates the same process. Kids need to know English for their future betterment and progression.

There are many online platforms nowadays that make it very easy to learn English. This article will inform you about online platforms that will assist your children in learning English.

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In this article, you will also get to know about Amazing Talkers and how they teach everyone.

Some of the Best Platforms to Practise English with Your Kids

Lingokids-English for Kids:

Lingokids is a play-learning app for 2–8-year-old kids. They have a mission to raise amazing kids all over the world.

They have a thousand plus games, audiobooks, and video lessons that help kids learn faster. They have so many different features that make them different from others.

It is a fun and engaging English vocabulary app that helps kids gain knowledge. This is a safe and ad-free app for kids only.

You can also get access to 3 games a day without special features. Cristobal Viedma is the founder of Lingokids.

Speakia-Kids English Fun:

The kids’ learning app, which is called Speakia, provides practice English for kids as an additional language, which creates an immersive environment where kids can listen and learn. It is a virtual town in your living room.

They have conversational cartoons in a virtual world that helps kids speak English with confidence. Speakia provides many cartoon videos that attract kids, and then, by watching these gradually, kids even start speaking English gradually.

It is the missing piece of your child’s English learning that is affordable and on-demand at your own place.

Storyteller Read Aloud to Children’s Amusement:

This is an app that tells several kinds of stories that will help kids listen and learn more. Different stories use many different words that help kids gain more vocabulary and then they can use those words in their regular life.

They learn about emotions, such as when to use words when you’re happy, sad, stressed, or angry. Their storytelling styles and learning something new make their features very different.

Kids notice this as a very interesting thing to do because kids love stories, and they can listen to them anytime.

BOOKR Class-Learn English:

This is a digital library of animated books and games for young learners. This is also a storytelling-based application that offers interactive reading experiences for children as well as for teenagers.

This library consists of 650 plus animated e-books, nursery rhythms, 2600 plus games, songs, and flashcards and is regularly updated with new titles. They have different age levels, like 1 to 4, 6 to 8, 10 to 14, etc.

Reading books is a very good thing as it gains a lot of knowledge. From this, kids will learn how to communicate, and they will become smarter than before. It has so many different features that attract everyone.

Learning or practising English with video games hits very differently for everyone. So, you can try this one too.

Why Is Learning English for Kids Important?

Kids are the future of any country, and if they do not know about this international language, then they will have to suffer from communication problems.

Communicating with everyone is a very good skill, but for that, you need to learn that common language.

Besides, English is a must-thing to learn for higher studies because all over the world, higher education is done with the English language.

If you travel somewhere, for survival, you also need English, so learning this language is very important.


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