The Hottest Gifts for Every LOL Surprise Fan This Year

There’s no way around it – LOL Surprise Dolls are one of the hottest gifts of the season. In our house, they’re the gifts that the kids save their allowance for, and the hot toy that filled their Christmas wish list.

Here are the Hottest LOL Surprise Gifts for Fans in 2018

LOL Surprise Multi Story House 

There are three whole stories to explore in the LOL Surprise House. LOL fans are going to adore this house as a place for their LOL Surprise Dolls to live. There are 85+ surprises to open in the house, including an LOL surprise doll and little sister, pet and furniture for the house – even an elevator! We loved the real wood house, the moving truck that everything is adorably packaged into and the fact that it gives our kids a place to put the dolls they’ve collected!

Buy it for: the wishlist item, buy it for the LOL fan that has amassed a collection you just don’t know where to house anymore!


Give the ultimate opening surprise this season with the Outfit of the Day kit from LOL Surprise. There are 25+ surprises to open in the OOTD kit, and it’s a great way to build the collection for additional clothing and accessories for the kids LOL Collection. Opening the surprises is one of our kids favourite parts of the experience, and with the OOTD, they’re going to keep that surprise going while they open all twenty-five surprises.

Buy it for: the LOL fan that could use a boost to their accessories and increase the play.


Real hair LOL surprise dolls are here, just in time for Christmas. Check your local store to find these Mystery Pack dolls with real hair! There are twelve dolls to collect, ten regular dolls and two from the Glitterati series and each doll has fifteen surprises inside. The capsule transforms into a Salon chair, display case, doll stand, and even a purse.

Buy it for: the LOL fan who keeps up with the latest, and wants to build their collection with the latest dolls in the LOL Surprise line.

What’s on your LOL Surprise fan list this year?