The Ice Cream Shack is Open for the Season!

The Ice Cream Shack is open for the season! Bringing you the traditional scoops of ice cream, and milkshakes in any of the flavours they offer up, for another fantastic summer. Stay up to date with the daily opening, and hours, by following along on Facebook

A few changes this year: you’re probably not going to see the communal toys, picnic tables and chairs, so bring your own if you want to tailgate in the parking lot, and stash a container of baby wipes in the car. There are markers in the parking lot, 2 meters apart, for customers to social distance while they’re ordering their scoops and stand has been trained to follow AHS requirements. 

What flavours are being scooped up?

Find the Ice Cream Shack at 11 Athabascan Ave in Sherwood Park.