The Importance of Having Your Property Surveyed by a Pro

When someone is looking to buy a home or a property, they’re usually fixated on the location and the home, as well as the potential, but there are plenty of underlying things that need to be considered as well. As always, when buying a home, a prospective purchaser should be thinking about property lines and any complications that can come with developing, even if they don’t plan on it.

In this instance, it’s a very beneficial idea to hire a property surveyor for those very reasons. It’s not a simple process to buy a property, you need to be diligent in ensuring that it’s not going to cause you any financial or legal woes in the future. Here are the important reasons for having your property surveyed by a pro.

Help Determine Correct Property Lines

This is one of the most important reasons for hiring a property surveyor. There is a staggering amount of home and property owners that are unaware of where their property line is, which can cause all kinds of trouble. This is a major reason why residential surveys in Calgary and the surrounding areas are so important, and not just for residential either, for all kinds. Your property, Calgary or otherwise, may be encroaching on someone’s property, and vice versa, so it’s good to know where the boundaries are before developing anything.

Get the Right Permits for Property Projects

On the topic of development, if you’re planning on committing to a project on your property, it’s a good plan to make sure you get the right permits. While a surveyor isn’t in charge of helping you acquire said permits, they are going to help you get the right information that will allow you to determine things like by-law infractions, zoning issues, or any kind of problems that may arise due to the project. Having a detailed record of your property helps make it easier to acquire a permit as they will be able to determine what you can or can’t do.

Inform You About the Property Status

The property status can refer to the property lines/boundaries, as well as the conditions required for those permits. Things like right-of-ways, public property, encroachments, obstructions, etc. are all things that you will want to be informed about when buying or owning a property. Without a good rundown of what your property entails, you may have no clue what is and isn’t possible when it comes to developing or what is in violation as is.

It’s also a good way to get a record of who has owned the property and other title deed information as well. It’s a lot of detailed intricacies, and it might seem boring, but it’s very necessary to know about it in many cases. You can also see a history of the property and any improvements to the land from previous owners.

Avoid Possible Complications

If you do intend to develop the land, sell it, or make any kind of alteration, you want to know about possible complications. One such problem would be to dig up a plot of dirt in the land, regardless of size, and smash through a water main pipe. This is a municipal issue that can cost you money to fix because you are the owner of the land. Doing this without any forewarning means you were negligent and on the hook, but with a surveyor’s document, you can see where everything is. Likewise, you don’t want to develop land that actually turns out to be your neighbors/adjacent property.

Assess the Value and Condition of a Property

A surveyor’s job is to create a legal and detailed account and document regarding the property. This account helps determine property lines, zoning requirements, and any kind of adjacent objects and land, but it’s also helpful in assessing the value and condition of the land. If you are able to get a true value of the property, it helps with applying for a loan or mortgage through a bank or lender and makes the process much simpler for the real estate company.

While it might not be the first thing on your mind when looking to buy a property, hiring a property surveyor is something that will be greatly appreciated. The benefit they have for assessing and detailing a plot of land to determine any possible complications or faults, as well as assessing its potential is greatly appreciated when you consider the issues that could befall you because of the negligence to have property information recorded.