The most common issues with digital assets – and how DAM software can help

Digital assets are the lifeblood of any business. They range from your marketing materials and your product photography to sales presentations and video files, audio recordings, company branding, or even design files and spreadsheets. In short, if it’s a file that brings value to your company, then it’s considered to be a digital asset, and as such needs to be protected and preserved at all costs. 

Frustratingly, if you’re someone who works with or manages a team who regularly handle digital assets then you’re probably aware of how working with hundreds of thousands of digital files can be both a blessing and a curse. Trying to keep these files manageable and organised is a job within itself and you and your team don’t have the time or the ability to keep these assets in order. 

Thankfully, with Digital Asset Management software, you don’t have to. Using DAM software means you and your team have access (where applicable) to all the digital files you need. With just a few clicks DAM software can upload and organise all types of digital asset files. With instant results in searches and version control. It’s never been easier to streamline the accessibility and organisation of those precious files. 

Are you contemplating DAM software? If you need a little convincing, check out the most common issues with digital assets and how DAM software can help.

Locating the right files

As mentioned above, sifting through thousands of files is incredibly time-consuming and frustrating. And when you find the right file, you may have to decipher which one is the latest version. Creating a potential nightmare for brand consistency. If your team members are frustrated with the time and energy they spend trying to locate the right digital assets then DAM software could be the perfect solution. Search filters and applications make narrowing down searches much easier and using metadata, tags and collections you and your team could find the files you need with a couple of clicks. Instantly transforming this drawn-out process.

Uploading the wrong version

Choosing the wrong shade of colour for a letterhead or email header sounds insignificant, but it can cause irreparable damage to your company image and brand identity. Keeping your brand guidelines intact is essential for building trust and creating a recognisable brand – DAM software can help you keep everything in order. With DAM you’ll always be prompted with the latest version of your chosen file, making mistakes less likely and keeping your brand guidelines strong and cohesive across all teams and departments.

And finally, unlimited file access

When your digital assets are easily accessible by anyone within your department or company, all kinds of issues can arise. Unauthorised edits or changes to media files can cause havoc and disrupt creative workflows, and unapproved content could be published and damage the company’s image. With DAM software, you’ll have full control access and usage rights. This means only employees with the right user permissions will be able to access your digital assets.