The Ultimate Garage Clean-Out Strategies and Organization Ideas

The Ultimate Garage Clean-Out Strategies and Organization Ideas

People tend to overlook how easy it is to clutter up a garage. One box here, one box there, a couple of unnecessary purchases. And almost as out of nowhere – you have no more space for the things that you actually need. We’ve all been there. The problem is, you don’t realize how stressful decluttering can be if you procrastinate about doing it long enough.

There is a way to make it less stressful though – planning appropriately. And you have come to the right place if you want to find out a good clean-out strategy. Here, we are going to talk about some organizational ideas that are going to boost the efficiency of how you declutter. Let’s get that garage clean and organized!

A well-defined plan is a key to success

The first step to a smooth cleaning process is based on sitting down and planning everything. Putting what you need to do on paper is going to make the entire process more tangible. It doesn’t matter whether your garage is in absolute chaos or just a bit messy, planning is a great way to start. 

First, you should set the date when you’ll start cleaning. Sometimes, this process takes more than one day, so, make sure to include that in your plan. Think about whether you want to ask someone for help. Cleaning is always more fun if there are more people involved! Prepare boxes and cleaning supplies, the more boxes you have the merrier. Start thinking in advance about the categories of objects that you’ll run into. That will help you with sorting them later on.

Where are you going to dispose of the things that you don’t need?

This part of the plan is especially important when it comes to cleaning your garage. Many people start cleaning their garage and accumulating all the things that they don’t need. At some point, they realize that they don’t know what they should do with the things that they don’t need. Kevin & Jessica Stearns from Bin There Dump That explain that having an appropriately sized rented is a great way to avoid unnecessary trouble that comes with large amounts of debris. Make sure that you explore your options accordingly to your needs.

Take everything out first

After the date you have set for your decluttering session has come, here’s how you should proceed. First, it would be best if you start from the door, and just take everything out. As you’re taking things out, start compiling stuff into different categories. These categories can be whatever you want them to be depending on your own needs. The idea is to make the process of putting things back easier. And not only is it easier, but it will make the place more organized after you’re finished with it!

As you categorize your stuff outside, you can also start thinking about the priority of their use. The things that you need the most should be left the furthest away from the garage. That way, you’ll make it easier to organize your things afterward. The things that you need the least will be the first that you’ll take back into the garage. This also means that you can store them in the back as you don’t use them as much.

Wipe the place clean

The step that follows is to clean the garage. This is the part when you’ll get to see your vision slowly come together. Cleaning isn’t fun for everyone, but it is necessary. And thanks to good planning, now you have all the supplies that you need!

Things that can help with further organizing

When it comes to organizing your stuff, it all comes down to thinking about storage efficiency. So, hooks, containers, cabinets, bins, crates – all of these will help you increase your storage space. They will also help you ensure that you can find your things easier later on. Consider labeling all the places where you store your stuff. It may be boring while you’re doing it. But, you wouldn’t believe how much time you will save by doing so.

While organizing, you must think about how much you use things that you’re storing. It’s also important that you think about their purpose. If you take the time to do so, you will be able to understand the best way in which you store your stuff. Nobody’s priorities are the same, which is why you must assess this based on your own needs!

Sort until no object is without its place

The last step is to take everything back into the garage. This is probably the part that is the easiest, and the most fun as well. After careful planning and evaluation, you already know where to put your things. The storage options we’ve talked about in the previous text are going to make the process even smoother. 

In the end, organizing your stuff not only doesn’t need to be stressful – it can be quite fun. It may be hard to start, but after that, every step that follows is an easier one. We hope that you’ll enjoy our tips and tricks – good luck, and enjoy your clean garage!