This Alberta Farm is Doing Virtual Farm Tours Every Wednesday and Sunday

This week, Chatsworth Farm reached out to us to chat about their guided farm tours they’re bringing to locals who can’t really get out and visit a farm right now. It’s your insight to what farm life is like in Alberta, with the inside to cows, chickens, sheep, turkeys, ducks and even more.

While you and your kids are staying safe at home, let us help make that time fun and educational. Join us for Virtual Farm Tours highlighting some of our farm activities, chores, and animals, including cows and calves, sheep, ducks, geese, and and even newborn kittens! Right now, in April 2020, we’re busy calving and starting to think about seeding and lambing.

Where to watch the Farm Tour Videos

You can see previous tours on Chatsworth Farm on YouTube and catch up with the videos on Facebook Live