Tips And Tricks For Perfecting Your Indoor Cycling Sessions

Get to know about all the little tips and tricks you need to know to perfect your indoor cycling routine and get the best out of it. 

Indoor cycling is getting more and more popular by the day. Especially now when freely cycling outside is not an option in many countries for safety reasons. But we can’t deny the fact that it is an excellent form of exercise. So it’s a great idea to opt for indoor cycling because you can do it anytime you want. 

Whether you are new to it or want to perfect your current indoor cycling routine, this article is for you. The tips and tricks mentioned below will help you do so. 

Create Your Space 

Be it studies, work, or a workout, to get the optimum results, you need to make sure you are performing it in the right environment. Especially when it comes to physical exercise, the environment plays a vital role. If you are able to set up the right environment, it will be easier for you to perform the activity, and you will get better results. 

When you are performing physical activity indoors, you should be careful not to choose a space that is too enclosed or small. When you are pedaling, the temperature around you increases quickly. This is not something you need to worry about if you are cycling outdoors; however, indoors, the heat can be the reason you are finding it hard to continue. 

In enclosed spaces, the airflow is minimal. The hot air won’t be able to circulate, and the room will get uncomfortable pretty fast. So make sure that the room you choose has good ventilation and circulation. 

Industrial fans are great for encouraging wind flow, making sure that the heat is distributed all over the room, and helping keep you sweat-free. It’s best not to overcrowd the room you will be cycling in, so refrain from moving in too much furniture. 

Set a Goal 

This is something most people go wrong with. Starting to work out without deciding how far you want to go is not wise. It will quickly become monotonous, and you will lose motivation. Moreover, if you don’t have anything that you want to achieve, you won’t achieve anything. 

Make sure to set goals, both long-term and short-term. For instance, you might decide to do a little bit more every day than you did the day before. If you keep pushing yourself like this, you will improve every day. You should also set very specific fitness goals for every month.

These goals will encourage you to keep going and will keep you motivated. Another thing that will help keep you motivated is recording your cycling. You can search How To Record Indoor Cycling With Strava online to know more about recording your indoor cycling session.   

Adjust The Seat Height 

Now that we have covered all the external issues, it’s time to get on the cycle. How you sit depends a lot on the seat height. And the seat height is not the same for everyone. It needs to be set correctly, otherwise, you can strain your knees unnecessarily. 

To find the right seat height, all you need to do is to stand next to your bike and raise the closest leg up so that your knee is bent at 90 degrees and your thigh is parallel with the floor. Your seat should be at the level of your hip joint. Raise or lower to that level, and you’ll be off to a great start.

There is another test you can do to ensure you are sitting right. Take a look at your legs while you sit on your bike. When your legs are extended at the bottom of the pedal stroke, they should have a very slight bend. Try it yourself to see if the bend is comfortable or not. If the bend is too significant, you need to adjust the height. You need to do the same if your legs are fully straight. Once you reach a comfortable height, you are good to go.  

Dress Correctly 

You might not think this is something you need to worry about when you are cycling indoors. Granted, no one is going to see you, but dressing appropriately while cycling has bigger purposes than that. It helps you perform your workout easily and will ensure you are safe from injuries.

Shoes are very important when it comes to cycling. If you are just starting out, you can start with sneakers; however, if you wish to make it a part of your daily routine, it is suggested that you invest in some good-quality cycling shoes. Make sure the shoes are lightweight and fit you well. You can also consider getting clips on the side. This will make it a lot easier for you to do high-intensity training. 

As per clothes, you should wear moisture-wicking tops and compression pants. It is suggested not to wear something too loose-fitting. Cycling jerseys are to be avoided as well. They tend to create too much heat. So try to choose a lightweight, breathable fabric. 

Fuel Yourself 

In order to train properly, you need to make sure your body is hydrated enough. When you are training, it is pretty obvious that you will sweat a lot and lose a lot of your body fluids. Once you get your hydration right, your body is energized enough. Opt for high-energy generating food options like bananas, eggs, nuts, and seeds. 

To Conclude 

These are all the tips that will make your indoor cycling sessions more enjoyable and easier. This way you’ll make sure you stick to your workout plan and get the most out of it. So now that you know about them, get cycling and achieve all your fitness goals.