Top 5 Building Materials that are Breaking New Grounds in Commercial

Construction is a part of everyday life. From the buildings we live into the highways that connect us, it’s hard to imagine our world without it. In recent years, building materials have made significant strides for commercial construction and have created innovative solutions for safety and sustainability like construction estimating software. There are building materials that are breaking new grounds in commercial construction. Let’s take a closer look at each one individually so you can see what they offer.

Mass Timber

Wood has been used as a building material since the beginning of mankind. But, only recently have we learned to use it in such innovative ways like mass timber. The mass timber (laminated veneer lumber) is a composite product that consists of layers of wood products bonded together with powerful adhesives and then compressed into huge slabs.

This product is so strong that it can even be used to build high rises, making it one of the building materials breaking new grounds in commercial construction.

Mass timber has many other benefits beyond just its strength. It also offers a rapid installation time and is made from sustainable resources. Not only that, but this type of board is naturally insulated, which helps to minimize energy costs throughout the life of the building.

Self Healing Materials

As a building material that is breaking new grounds in commercial construction, self-healing materials are highly innovative. The science behind this type of building material is straightforward. These products have been infused with tiny capsules of organic healing agents, which break when damage occurs to the material’s surface.

This all-natural process helps to reduce wasted materials and energy as well as preventing water intrusion. In return, the longevity of the building is extended, and damage from insects and pests can be prevented.

They can also be used in a wide range of applications, making them one of the building materials that break new grounds in commercial construction.

Air Cleaning Bricks

It’s true; air cleaning bricks are up to 10 times more efficient than a traditional brick at removing pollutants from the outside environment. The material comprises either nanocrystalline or cenosphere ceramic particles fused into a brick matrix, solid and durable.

Air cleaning bricks also help to improve air quality by absorbing pollutants through a process called adsorption. If you need more proof that this building material is on the cutting edge of commercial construction, it even cleans itself because of its antistatic properties.

Strand Rods

Strand rods are another building material that is taking commercial construction by storm. These hollow rods are made with polypropylene and filled with glass strands. They can be used in all sorts of applications, including tall buildings spool out to form the core structure exterior walls or columns; mid-rise buildings where they create precast partitions; or as piles and poles to support bridges.

Strand rods offer a lot of benefits beyond just their strength. These building materials are incredibly lightweight, making them much easier to work with than traditional steel. They also offer significant energy savings and reduced carbon emissions because they require less material.

Strand rods are an inexpensive and lightweight alternative to rebar. They offer the same structural support but using only a fraction of the material. A strand rod is essentially made from an engineered polymer wrapped in steel strands. The strand’s geometry, size, and spacing all play a role in its ability to support compression and tension forces. It can also be engineered to offer better strength, corrosion resistance, and even thermal insulation.

Passive Cooling Ceramics

Passive cooling ceramics are a great example of one building material breaking new grounds in commercial construction. These products help to keep buildings cool by reflecting sunlight and work passively through natural airflow. They offer a lightweight, easy-to-install solution for reflective roofs, walls, and pavement surfaces.

Commercial buildings are often ten times more energy efficient when these types of building materials are utilized. But, the passive cooling ceramic also offers other benefits like soundproofing, antistatic properties, and safety by serving as an impact-absorbent material.

Modern technology is indeed helping to create some excellent new building materials for commercial construction. The good news is that many of these products can be used in a wide range of applications. By incorporating any one of them into your next building project, you will be on the cutting edge to

Construction materials are getting more innovative every day. If you’ve been looking for a way to make your commercial construction project stand out from the rest, consider trying one of these five groundbreaking building materials that offer something unique and different than anything else currently on the market.