Top Features That Distinguish the 5Th Wheel Hitch from Others

The fifth wheel hitch is unique because it can be used on semi-trucks or upon semi-trailers. It is relatively simple to use.

This type of hitch works by allowing the truck’s hitch ball under the frame of the truck bed and lowering it into position so that you can hook your trailer onto it. For this reason, some truck drivers call it an entry-level hitch.

The 5th wheel hitch is used in either the low-boy or gooseneck trailers. The main difference between these two types of trailers is that the lowboy trailer has a pivot plate near its front end, while the gooseneck trailer’s 5th wheel is located in a different spot.

Unique Features of 5th Wheel Hitch

According to Forbes, vehicle hitches on smaller sedans and crossovers are helpful to add cargo space or fit a cargo or bicycle rack.

Several features of a fifth wheel hitch make it much different from other trailers.


Three main pieces support the hitch. These components include the base, the lower guide assembly, and the upper gooseneck.

These three components work together to give you full support for your load, plus give you the ability to manoeuvre with your trailer.


The fifth wheel hitch is placed on the bed of your truck by guiding it from the front end into a locking position. This process allows you to attach your gooseneck or low boy trailer to the hitch assembly under the frame of your truck bed.

It is locked in position using a series of latches that take about two seconds to complete.


The 5th wheel hitch is used as a kingpin for your trailer. The kingpin attaches your gooseneck or lowboy trailer from the back of it, securing the trailer to the 5th wheel hitch assembly.

This part makes sure that you can pull or haul any load with ease and security.


Since the hitch is used to haul loads, you must have a safe and secure ride each time. To make sure this happens, it comes with two safety locks.

These locks ensure that your load remains in place while you are driving down the road. Without these locks, any sudden movements would throw your load and potentially cause damage to the cargo.

Easy Driving

The fifth wheel hitch has an air-ride suspension that reduces shock as you drive down the road. It works by allowing air into a chamber on both sides of the lower guide assembly.

The process also helps you steer properly since this feature allows it to move with ease and precision, making it simple to manoeuvre.


The last feature of the fifth wheel hitch is that it has an over 20-degree turning radius, giving you a better view when moving your trailer from one location to another. It also allows you to make quick turns which increases its flexibility and use.

Before you start to use this type of hitch, ensure that the trailer’s kingpin is securely fastened to its bed. 

To install it, you need first to lower your truck’s bunk into position and then drive forward until the shank of the trailer’s 5th wheel fits snugly into the lower receiver.

You can now tighten it with a ratchet instead of using the king pin’s drop-centre to lock it in place.