Toys R Us Has FREE In-Store Events March 23-27 for Spring Break

Spring break is here and Toys R Us has you covered with five days of free in-store events for kids of every age. Between Monday and Friday, you can visit the store and play, and even snag five bucks to spend on a treat or toy.

Date: Monday – Friday, March 23-27
Time: 1-3 p.m.
Locations: All stores in Edmonton area

What’s on the schedule?

Beyblade Battle and Play Event
Does your child love Beyblade? Register for our Battle and Play event* – AWESOME prizes available to be won at each store!

Create an adorable keychain charm
Fun glitter play in a less messy way! Kids can create an adorable keychain charm with the Crayola Glitter Dots Keychain Sparkle Friends. Choose 1 of 3 Keychain charms, decorate and proudly add your charm to your school bag or keychain!

A sensory experience for the whole family!
Discover and explore your imagination with unique textures, scents and sounds. With ORB Flowtonia and ORB Slimy the play possibilities are endless! We promise it will be so satisfying!

Star Wars™ Jedi Training Experience
Younglings get a chance to train in the ways of the Force with Jedi Master Tookai. Your fearless young recruits will learn how to wield a lightsaber —and feel the Force! Those who successfully complete the training will receive a Jedi certificate.

Put their arts & crafts skills to the test
Your kids will love making and creating with Out of the Box crafts from Addo – create a sparkly picture, transform pebbles into cool, crazy, colourful creatures or make an awesome balloon animal!

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