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COVID-19 pandemic spreads throughout the world and takes the lives of millions of people. It is an infectious and transmissible disease that spread very fast. The infection that is the cause of COVID is disseminated in the form of droplets that are produced when a COVID-infected person sniffles, coughs or breathes out. The virus can be spread from these droplets as they fall on any surface. So, your little carelessness becomes very fatal for you. 

Covid pandemic leaves a huge impact on our daily lives. No matter if people want to travel as a tourist or for a work purpose, they are suffering from a lot of restrictions and limitations. When you are traveling from outside the country you must have to present a negative result of the PCR test at the departure airport. You need to get tested from an authorized COVID-19 Laboratories. Also, try to Rent A Car in Dubai so that you can move in your private vehicle. 

Table of content

  • Things you need to Know before Traveling
  • Travel Requirements for Dubai in COVID Pandemic
  • Rules For Emirati Nationals
  • Rules For Tourists, and Expatriate Residents
  • Addition Rules For Expatriate Residents
  • Conclusion

Traveling requirement during Covid-19

Some of the other traveling requirements that are necessary during traveling in Dubai are given below:

Things you need to Know before Traveling

Traveling increases the rate of spreading and getting the virus. Avoid it and stay home to protect yourself and your family from COVID-19. But if you have to travel, consider some of the points in your mind and take them seriously. 


  • Get fully vaccinated for COVID-19, if you are qualified.
  • Before going on a trip, get tested at least 1-3 days before your trip.
  • Must wear a mask over your nose and mouth when you are in public places. 
  • Keep a distance of 6 feet or 2 meters from anyone and avoid crowded places.
  • After returning from a trip, you should self-quarantine yourself at home, even if your test is negative. Because sometimes its symptoms may appear a little late.
  • If you do not go for a test after your trip, stay at home and quarantine yourself for at least 10 days.


Travel Requirements for Dubai in COVID Pandemic

If you travel out of Dubai and return, you will need to do PCR tests. Meanwhile, residents of Dubai emirates do not need any government approval to leave the emirate. But COVID 19 PCR test is compulsory before your departure. You can also do another particular type of COVID test which is specified to reach your destination. Although it is from an authorized and authentic COVID-19 test laboratories of Dubai. 

If you have to start your journey from Dubai, it is recommended for you to reach the airport 4 hours before your departure and go straight to the testing facility. The rapid COVID test that is conducted at Dubai airport will cost you about 150 AED excluded taxes. Emirate of the UAE i.e. Dubai spread out its medical partnerships and suggest its all of the passengers exclusive of home or office workers a PCR test at the following test centers:

  • Al Tadawi Medical Center 
  • Prime Medical Centers.

They offer you a COVID test for 150 AED per person. The test result will be available to you in 24 hours. Moreover, present a negative test otherwise you are not allowed to board the flight. 

Rules For Emirati Nationals

If you are an inhabitant of Dubai, and you’re coming through Dubai’s airport you are spared from the COVID-19 PCR test before the departure, nevertheless, you are coming from which country. But, you will be tested on arrival in Dubai emirate.

Rules For Tourists, and Expatriate Residents

For the tourists and expatriate residents, the need of taking the test will depend on the destination or country they are coming from. Children that are under 12 and passengers with severe disability are exempt from the COVID-19 test. 

If you are a tourist coming from countries like Australia, China, Spain, and Taiwan you have two options to choose from. Either you have to take the PCR test on arrival at Dubai airport or you have to present a negative result of COVID virus test PCR at the departure airport.

And in case you are an expatriate resident returning through Dubai’s airport from any other country you have an option to present a negative COVID-19 test PCR on the airport conducted within 96 hours before traveling to the Dubai airport or take a PCR test on arrival at Dubai.

Addition Rules For Expatriate Residents

If you own a Dubai residence visa, you have to get approval from GDRFA for returning to Dubai, earlier to travel.

For others, you have to submit your passport number, and Emirates ID number to get instant verification of your entry status. You must have to visit for detailed information. 

Some of the residents might be tested again on arriving at the airport. If another PCR test is required to be taken from you, you have to quarantine yourself at your residence for the time until you receive your test’s report. If your result is positive, you have to isolate yourself and must follow the instructions of the Dubai Health Authority. But if the test is negative, you do not need to isolate yourself. 

To avoid contact with deadly viruses, try to travel alone in your personal car if possible. You can also contact any cheap rent a car Dubai company, and book a fully sanitized car for your safety. 

These are some of the basic rules and traveling requirements that you should understand before traveling in or out of Dubai. You have to make yourself very conscious about this dangerous disease and save the precious lives of your’s and your loved ones. Follow all the instructions to avoid its spreading and getting infectious from it.