Understanding Numerology: How Working With Numbers Can Improve Your Life

The concept of numerology is nothing new. In fact, the practice is thousands of years old. Humans have been noticing the cyclical nature of life and the serendipitous patterns that arise for centuries. The following will explore the idea of numerology in more detail with the hope of explaining how numbers can guide you in your life.

The Holographic Universe

Before we dive into numerology specifically, we need to explore a theoretical conception of existence that’s referred to as the holographic universe. This worldview is commonly explained using the metaphor of a hologram. Holograms are widely used in our world today—they’re on our driver’s licenses and credit cards as well as in our CDs and DVDs (okay, let’s not talk about how old we are).

Holograms are maps made of light. They involve a photographic technique that records how light is scattered across an object. As light hits or shines through the holographic image, a 3D representation is presented. While the holograms we have today are only static images, scientists expect that we will be able to create video holograms (yes, like in Star Wars) in the future.

The holographic universe theory is the idea that the entire universe is constructed in the same way—it’s a hologram. The University of Southampton presented the idea that what we’re seeing around us—our three-dimensional reality—might actually be a holographic depiction on a two-dimensional cosmic surface.

Before you knock it, know that it resolves the black hole information paradox (which string theory doesn’t do). And don’t think that this theory is new—Plato suggested something similar with his allegory of the cave. And Zhuang Zhou also presented the idea with his story The Butterfly Dream.

What Does This Have To Do With Numerology?

We’re getting there! Hang on. One unique aspect of holograms is what happens when you cut them in half. If a hologram is broken apart, each piece still reflects the entire 3D image—even the hologram’s smallest sliver contains the whole. The holographic perspective of the universe then implies that every part of the universe is contained within each fragment of our existence.

You may have heard this referred to as the idea of as above, so below—the idea that everything is intricately connected. Solar systems look a lot like atoms, don’t they? Rivers look like veins. Everything is part of a singular holographic pattern, meaning we can study plants and learn about God. We can cure illnesses by healing our emotional wounds. We can repair the past by solving our future.

We can learn about many aspects of being and existing by studying the numbers in our lives (almost like studying computer coding). Aha! Do you see now where this was going?

What Is Numerology?

Numerology stems from the belief that numbers are significant (in the holographic universe theory, everything is significant). Numerology more narrowly refers to the esoteric study of the relationship between a number and events or feelings. The study is centuries-old—Pythagoras was all about the power of numbers—but the term numerology was first recorded in 1907 (as far as we’re aware).

There are endless applications of numerology, but we’ll examine a few of the more common ones to help you gain an understanding of the application of numbers:

  • Sacred geometry and mathematics
  • Spiritual interpretations of music
  • Fibonacci sequence
  • Lucky numbers like seven in the west and four in the east
  • Unlucky numbers like thirteen and 666
  • Angel numbers
  • Calculation of life path numbers using the date of birth
  • Recognizing the relationships between two things that seem coincidentally related by sharing numbers

How Can Numerology Be Used In Your Life?

The applications are endless, but typically when people set out to use numerology to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their lives, they start by calculating their life path number. This is done using the numerical value of your birthdate to determine which of the nine life path numbers is yours. You can find a more detailed breakdown on straightforwardguidance.com about calculating your life path number and how to interpret it once you figure it out. Your life path number reveals why your soul chose (or was sent, depending on your spiritual views) to come to earth to accomplish.

The above information should help you understand the reasoning behind the art of numerology and how it can be applied to you and your life. Once you begin to open yourself up to the idea of numbers being meaningful, you’ll begin to notice them all around you. Of course, feel free to connect with partial aspects of numerology if that seems right for you. It’s always okay to embrace parts of a theory without accepting the larger whole.