Unique Features of The Proform Carbon Treadmills Brand

A treadmill is one of the most popular workout and sporting equipment for the home and gym. It’s easy to put up and operate, and allows you to achieve your fitness goals with less effort. 

As the name suggests, the ProForm Carbon Treadmill is a product of the ProForm fitness brand, which debuted in 1977. The company is famous for its technologically-advanced fitness machines, such as the treadmill. 

The ProForm Carbon Treadmill has five models on the market to cater to various needs of users. Even though they may vary in price and quality, some general features cut across the treadmills.

Keep reading to learn more about the Proform carbon treadmills and their unique features.

HD Touchscreens

The HD touchscreen is one of the most profound features of the ProForm Carbon treadmills. It is a modern addition that allows you to take your workout to the next level. 

The fully-functional display allows you to stream live events. You can also access your personal trainers’ classes so that you don’t have to miss your classes. 

The screens are fitted with functions controlling speed, decline, and incline to provide you with a hands-free session.

Some top-end models are highly advanced and allow you to track your progress by checking the calories, distance covered, and heart rate.

Comfortable Landing Space

Comfortable landing space is vital since you can extend your workout without experiencing foot fatigue. 

When shopping, look for a roomy deck, preferably a 20×55-inch, with comfortable cushioning. 

The ProForm Carbon treadmills are equipped with an ISO Flex padding that delivers a soft landing to your legs. You’ll not get bruises after a vigorous running session.


Running on a treadmill can make you break a sweat. It can be uncomfortable if the room is hot or humid, affecting your overall performance.

Check whether the ProForm Carbon has internal fans to deliver a cool breeze when shopping. Without a doubt, some cool air can make you feel good even during a challenging workout.

iFit Membership

All ProForm Carbon treadmill brands allow users to join the iFIT Membership, an interactive training session. 

With this program, a trainer walks with you through your workout journey and motivates you to stay on track.


You don’t have to be discouraged if you live in an apartment with limited space. One feature you can look out for in a ProForm Carbon treadmill is the foldable aspect. 

The machines are engineered to allow users to fold  and store them in a convenient place.

Incline Capacity

The ProForm Carbon treadmills’ incline capacity ranges between 3-12%. Thus, you can set the incline to a comfortable position. 

For example, a higher incline increases the gradient of the treadmill such that at 13%, you’ll feel as though you’re running on a steep hill. 


The ProForm Carbon treadmill allows you to adjust the running speed to suit your specific requirement. 

For instance, if you set your speed above 5 mph, you’re either running or jogging. On the other hand, when walking, you can set a lower speed.

Weight Capacity

The ProForm Carbon treadmills have different weight capacities to accommodate the needs of various users. 

While the City L6 is a bit restricted at 250 pounds or 113.6kg, the Pro and Carbon series allow up to 300 pounds or 113 kilograms.

Different Prices

The ProForm Carbon treadmills come at different prices due to the wide variety of features. Some models with special features, such as bluetooth and HD touchscreen, may cost more than the basic options. 

For example, the City L6 model costs around $599, but generally lacks many features. Even though it doesn’t have a touchscreen, it has a media rack that enables you to stream your workouts, watch TV shows on a smartphone, and listen to music. Again, the footprint design is a bit smaller. 

On the other hand, the Pro9000 costs around $1,799 and is the most expensive ProForm Carbon treadmill brand. Despite the high price, it’s highly advanced with a more roomy running deck of up to 20X60 inches, a higher speed level of 19 kph, and a 22-inch display.


There are many treadmill brands such as Horizon Fitness and NordicTrack. However, the ProForm Carbon has made its name thanks to the provision of high-quality and practical machines. 

When shopping, you may be bombarded with many offers, and deciding on the best option can be confusing. Hopefully, our guide has given you an insight into what to expect when you hit the road running.