Unique Precious Gifts for a Mother

The birth of a baby is one of the most important events in any woman’s life, so a gift for her should also be special! Close relatives and friends usually bring presents for the baby but completely forget about the mother. An ordinary bouquet, a set of cosmetics, a stuffed toy – too banal gifts. Another thing – is jewelry, which will be a vault of memories. They will be a lifetime reminder of the happy day when the baby is born and keep a mother’s heart warm.

What Jewelry to Choose From?

The jewelry industry offers bracelets, simple gold promise rings, chains, pendants, and even brooches with themed designs as gifts for new mothers. Each precious piece of jewelry has its own merits. Pendants are versatile additions to a chain, bracelet, or clothespin. Rings can be worn in any situation, as they will look appropriate at a social gathering and work. The same can be said about bracelets with chains.

The gift can be expensive, made of gold or platinum with a scattering of precious stones. Usually, this gift is presented by close relatives or a happy spouse. The jewelry can be inherited from mother to child, which will be even more symbolic. If the giver is strapped for cash or is not tied very close to the young mother, but he still wants to buy something special, then fit more budgetary gifts. For example, you can look for a laconic bracelet or pendants made of silver decorated with enamel or semiprecious stones.

Bracelets as Way to Emphasize Status.

Bracelets hold first place in the popularity ranking of jewelry for young mothers. Many women, after giving birth, try to emphasize their new status in every way. And they do have a reason to be proud – it peacefully sleeps in the stroller. Bracelets can be worn daily for walks in the park or put on a festive event on a special occasion – the product is perfectly suitable for these purposes.

Jewelers decorate bracelets with hearts, and child figures of perky boys and gentle girls, which are additionally decorated with cubic zirconia, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, pink sapphires, and amethysts. To make the bracelet a unique gift, an artisan can put any engraving on it as the customer wishes. Most often, the baby’s name is engraved on the figurine.

Rings and Pendants are Cute Additions to the Image.

Pendants are also in high demand, especially among young fathers who decided to please their chosen ones with something unusual. The main advantage of such jewelry is its versatility. The pendant can be worn on a chain, a bracelet, and even on a pin attached to clothing, although this method is not very popular now. If a young mother loves to experiment with her style, and even the birth of a child does not stop her, she can easily fix a pendant on her fashion piercing.

Birth pendants are shaped like hearts, nipples, strollers, or baby’s footprints. They are made of gold, silver, and platinum. More expensive models are further decorated with precious and semiprecious stones: diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, cubic zirconia, jasper, malachite, onyx, and turquoise. They can be chosen by color, which will symbolize the gender of the child: blue – for the mother of a boy and soft pink – for the mother of a girl. A stone in a thumb will look original on a jeweled pendant-five. One of the “legs” can also be decorated with a child’s name engraving. Heart-shaped pendants with engraving symbolize the love and gratitude of the spouse, which he expresses through an expensive gift.