Use this Map to Find Edible Fruit Trees in the City of Edmonton

Find Edible Fruit Trees in the City of Edmonton

Chances are that you probably weren’t aware that there are more than 35,000 edible fruit trees in Edmonton, with more being planted every season. The Edible fruit trees of Edmonton map gives you the insider information you need to find edible fruit trees in your neighbourhood, public parks and more – to provide you with fruit-picking options with the kids.

What type of fruit trees are available? Apples, cherries, pears, and saskatoons are only a few of the options available for fruit picking in Edmonton. Using the map, you’re able to choose specific neighbourhoods or areas of the city, and even filter the map with different types of fruit to see where they are posted.

Fruit Picking Etiquette

Like any adventure, it’s important to be respectful. There are some trees on the map that are located on private property – obviously, skip those ones unless you’ve got permission. Stick to the parks, check your local neighbourhood and make an adventure out of finding edible fruit, out in the wild! 

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