Ways to Maintain Electric Violins

In case you are not aware, you have to know that musical instruments can last for a very long period. If you own instruments like electric violins, you should be aware that they can survive for hundreds of years when you take very good care of them. 

However, there are some instances when people are not taught essential details and information about electric violins and how to properly maintain them. Even if you own the best electric violin, without proper maintenance, they can be easily ruined. You have to be knowledgeable about how to maintain electric violins. 

Store your instrument properly

The storage where you keep your electric violin is a crucial factor that highly affects the quality and stability of your musical instrument. It will be wise for you to invest in a high-quality violin case to keep your instrument safe from any circumstances that may affect its quality. Proper storage of electric violins must be made with high-performing materials that are ultimately durable. This is the first step in ensuring the stability of your instrument.

Know how to apply rosin correctly

Remember that it is important for you to apply rosin correctly. If you put too much rosin on the bow hair, it may result in the scratchy and harsh sounds of the instrument. The reason why it happens is that too much friction will occur between the bow and the violin strings. Not all of the excess rosin that you put will come off while you are playing the instrument. Avoid putting too much rosin or else it might stick to the body of the violin leaving a sticky feeling on the surface.

Always clean electric violin after using

Just like how you always take a bath, you always have to clean your electric violin after using it. It is the simplest and the most important practice that you must always remember. Just beware to never use alcohol or any solvents to clean your electric violin since they can strip the varnish of your electric violin.

Change strings when needed

Strings are the most essential part of electric violins. Without them, the musical instrument will not perform its job to create soulful sounds. Remember to change the strings when you need them to avoid further complications that might affect the quality of your violin.

Rehair the bow if necessary

When we are sick, we always go to the doctor to help us feel better. The same is true with electric violins. We always have to check on them and inspect the bow if it is in the best condition. You need to be aware that your instrument needs to be repaired or if it needs rehairing of the strings.

Key takeaways

There are many ways for you to maintain your electric violin. By putting them into consistent practice, you can ensure that your electric violin will survive for hundreds if not thousands of years. Remember, do not ignore any minor problems with your musical instrument. Sooner or later, it can become a complicated and significant issue. You should anticipate the problem before it can even happen. 

Keeping your electric violin in good shape and great condition will help you maintain its tone, sound, and even its market value. Being a violinist does not only mean that you must be great in rehearsing and performing with your electric violin instrument. Being a violinist also means that you have to clean, maintain, and take good care of your musical instruments as well.