We Stocked Up our Home Library and Found 30 Books for $80 from BookOutlet.ca (Free Shipping)

In our house, it’s been a whole lot of screen time while we try and figure out our new normal. It’s been a whole lot of our kids playing Roblox or Minecraft, hosting playdates with their friends over FaceTime and spending hours and hours watching Netflix. 

But, it’s been a week of spring break and we’re ready to get back into the groove, focusing on the basic math, the Disney Khan Academy Imagineering online program for kids, and as much reading as we can fit in – as we ease back into the semblance of a schedule before online education continues for both of our children on April 6th. 

We have a lot of children’s books in our home, hundreds. What we didn’t have, were books that took longer than a few minutes for them to read.

From workbooks, to children’s books, to everywhere in between (adult books and non-fiction) Bookoutlet.ca is one of our new favourite places to stock the home library. 

Save $10 off of $25 at Bookoutlet.ca 

We made our first order from BookOutlet.ca and it arrived in less than a week. The website can be a bit overwhelming, at first. Make sure you’re using the filters for searching. My preferences go in the order of age of the kid, like ‘tween books’ or ‘children’s books’, then price ascending, and then by the theme of the book, like mystery or non-fiction. 

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