Wedding bands: How do you choose one that fits your style?

For every couple in love, weddings are no less than a dream come true. Planning the wedding day is like planning the perfect start to the perfect life together. So, the live music performance by your favorite band can be the icing on the cake for the whole event.

On your big day, music can make all the difference. Fine music by an expert live wedding music band can shape the right mood and tone for the whole day. An experienced wedding music band serving as a musical attraction can blend smoothly with the theme of the events and can bring out the live wire on stage for your special moments.

On your big day, you have decided you will have a wedding band perform. But which band should you choose? There are hundreds of live bands available, each specializing in a distinct genre or style, with different financial backing, and taking a different approach to deliver music for the big day.

The truth is that most individuals will only hire a live wedding band once in their lives, making the process difficult at first. We are here to make the process of hiring music bands for weddings smoother.

1.Be clear about your vision.

 Your choice can be anything ranging from soft music to hard rock, but, your wedding music band should be in conjunction with your taste of music and style of performance. 

2. Analyze the role of a music band in your wedding.

Some couples need a 90’s band playing in the background, while some need their wedding band as a live mini-concert of hard rock bands, some want picky dance numbers, and others depend upon the choice of their guests. Some couples even transform their live music band from a soft background to a DJ. The choice is yours. You need to analyze what role you want your music band to play in your wedding.

3. Choose the genre of music and its pace for your wedding.

The most important question is, what music do you love to hear, what type of music will put smiles on your guests’ faces, what pace of music connects with you as a couple, modern or contemporary? What genre of music reminds you of any memories of your dating period? You can also choose a fusion band or remixes to justify guest needs. Also, you can make a confirmed playlist that will be played at different moments of the wedding day.

 4.You can make a list of bands and check their ratings and experience.

Make sure you are depending upon a live music band that is as invested as you are in the event. You can make a list of all your affordable music bands. You can also check out their performances at any bar or concert. You can check their online rating and set your mind on the band that you need to finalize, but please do not over expect availability before any of you turn you into a real bridezilla or groomzilla.

5.You can check the compatibility of the music band and your venue.

Check out the size of your venue and the size of the stage. Will there be a separate stage available for band performances? What could be the height of the stage? Does your venue have enough spotlights for band performances? Does all the technical equipment match the requirements of your band? These are questions that you need to enquire about before booking the wedding music band of your choice.

6.Make a budget and insurance plan for the wedding music band.

If you are smitten with a band, but unfortunately, it is out of your budget, do not panic! There is the possibility that they may be able to adjust their performance to meet budget constraints, perhaps by decreasing the number of players on stage or by doing a brief acoustic set.

Nobody can think of any last-minute changes to the wedding event, but still, insurance is there for a reason. Please do not forget to book band insurance that will be beneficial for you and your band for any last-minute alterations.

7.Contact the event agencies to book your band.

Booking your wedding music band through event agencies can be a good option that you will never regret. Because agencies come to provide a sense of reassurance and other services, do not forget to check the ratings, websites, and social media for the agency’s services. You can also check family and friends’ recommendations. Booking agencies can provide additional value in the form of free DJ and acoustic sets for the wedding music band.

In the end, your wedding day is about you, and it should be a treasured memory for everyone who attends for many years to come. Choosing the live wedding band that matches your style and budget is an integral part of that process, and if done well, it can be the highlight of your special day.