What Does Break in the Washing Machines Most Often?

Probably, it is hard to imagine the life of a modern person without a washing machine. Thanks to this “assistant” you can save a lot of time and nerves. But to be able to live comfortably, it is necessary to choose only high-quality equipment. As we know, any home appliance tends to break down, and washing machines are no exception. Even the most reliable washing machine can not withstand frequent use and breaks down. Sometimes, it is easier to buy a new washing machine than to constantly mess with the breakdowns of the old one. Therefore, the choice of a washing machine must be approached as responsibly as possible. 

The most frequent malfunctions

The washing machine can break down, even if it is made in perfect quality. Indeed, many repairmen from Appliance Repair in Richmond Hill report frequent malfunctions even in such brands as Bosch, Zanussi, and Samsung. The most common problems that occur are usually the following:

  1. The electronic control panel fails

This is one of the most challenging and unpleasant breakdowns. So if the launch button fails, then the issue is solved by a simple replacement. But if the electronic components of the washing machines are broken, the restoration will be much more complicated and costly. Indirect signs of problems with the modules are the flashing of the display, a failure in the washing mode, and the simultaneous appearance of various error codes on the external display.

  1. The water stops heating up

If you do not feel heat 10 minutes after starting the mode, the heating element may have failed, or the water level switch has broken. Most often, the problem is solved by a simple replacement of a heating element and changing the outdated one.

  1. The drum stops spinning 

This happens due to a break, stretching of the drive belt, when foreign objects get in, and also for many other reasons, which can only be determined with the help of specialists. If a typical noise appears during the operation of the machine, then be sure to stop it and contact the master. Most frequently this happens about 4-5 years after the start of use, but due to poor-quality components, lack of seal lubrication, and other reasons, it may happen earlier.

  1. The machine stops draining water

Even during the washing process, the machine may stop with a full tank. The reason for this may be a clogged filter and a broken pump for washing machines. If the water supply is turned on, but the liquid is still not poured into the drum, this may be due to a breakdown of the lock, a faulty valve, or a heating element.

  1. Sagging buttons 

Due to long-term operation, the selector can break alongside the buttons that are used most often. This may also happen as a result of using low-quality plastic for the production of buttons. 

If any above-mentioned failures have happened, do not hesitate to contact the professionals to perform the same day appliance repair Mississauga. However, if you are looking for a better model to replace your old washing machine, there are some brands to avoid. 

Which washing machines break down more often?

Each manufacturer is interested in the quality of their products, but only during the warranty period. Please note: the declared service life in the instructions for each product is approximately 3 to 5 years, but almost all manufacturers have a 1-year warranty. It turns out that during the 1st year under the guarantee the machine will definitely work flawlessly, and in the next 5 years, anything may happen. However, according to https://fixappliances.ca/toronto-appliance-repair/ the appliances of some brands appear in repair more often than others:

  1. Ardo. Studies show that almost 33% of the appliances of this manufacturer break down before the end of the declared service life. Basically, this applies to older models. In general, modern Ardo washing machines are very reliable and functional, so they have been working stably for more than 6 years;
  2. Indesit. Almost 25% fail in the first 6 years of operation. Here, the situation is similar: first of all, it concerns the old models. Despite the percentage of breakdowns, Indesit produces high-quality washing equipment.
  3. Ariston. The washing machines of this manufacturer are not so popular, but despite this, many people complain about frequent breakdowns. Almost 20% of Ariston washing machines break down in the first 5 years of operation. However, these statistics include old models and economy-class machines that are inexpensive.

As for washing machines that break down less often — Miele, Bosch, and AEG can be distinguished. The equipment of these manufacturers is famous for its high reliability and durability, but its cost is slightly higher. The main thing to remember is that the service life of the washing machine is affected not only by the quality but also by proper care. Therefore, you must follow all the rules of operation, then you can forget about breakdowns for a long time.