What Free Bet Alternatives Do Online Casinos Offer?

Nowadays, online casinos are becoming the preferred alternative to land-based casinos in Canada. This is, in part, due to their accessibility, extensive game catalogues, greater security, and multiple payment options with platforms such as bitcasino accepting bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency. 

If you have even briefly dipped your toe in the waters of the online casino world, then you are probably familiar with the concept of free bets. Free bets are one of the main tools used by online casinos to attract new customers, as they allow people to place bets without risking any of their money. These free bets usually come in the form of a set number of free spins, and they are useful for giving players a chance to test out different online casinos – and particular casino games – to see if they like them. 

However, free bets are not the only promotion you can find at online casinos. If you are looking for some appealing alternatives to free bets, such as the free bonus no deposit promotions offered by many online casinos, there are several options for you to choose from. Read on to find out more!

The welcome bonus 

Every online casino worth its salt offers a welcome bonus of some kind. While some of these bonuses will give you free bets, many welcome bonuses do require a small deposit of some kind, with the offer often giving you the chance to double this deposit. 

Of course, the generosity of the welcome bonus depends on the casino in question, so it’s worth doing a little research before committing. 

In a similar vein, you will also find deposit bonuses, which work in exactly the same way as a welcome bonus, although they can be offered as a loyalty reward to existing players. Again, these promos offer to multiply your deposit on a particular game. If these bonuses are attached to table games such as blackjack, the offer will often be up to 100% of your deposit, but if they are attached to a slot game they can sometimes be even higher. 

The reward multiplier

Another alternative to free bets offered by many online casinos is the reward multiplier. This kind of promotion is usually used to promote a new online slot game, as well as to keep casino users engaged and entertained. These reward multipliers are mostly available for a restricted period of time, which can make them even more alluring to players, particularly if the multiplier is a large one. 

Usually, however, these multipliers will offer you rewards of two or three times your winnings, although it’s worth bearing in mind that there are usually a set of conditions you have to meet while you play in order to achieve this. While it’s not very common, some online slots even offer multipliers of up to 100x your winnings, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for these. 

The high roller promotion

If you are what is known in casino parlance as a ‘high roller’, then you could find yourself receiving some special promotions. A high roller bonus is handed out to players who make a particularly substantial initial deposit and usually takes the form of a match bonus or a cash sum. 

Take Your Pick

These are just a few of the most commonly found alternatives to free bets in the online casino world. With such a choice available, it’s certainly worth checking out the promotions page of online casinos before registering, to compare what they have to offer.