What is Zoho and what are the advantages of it?

Zoho is 2022’s best CRM for small and medium businesses in the CRM Technology Value Matrix by Nucleus Research.

Here’s why.

The functionality of CRM is in its ability to store and display existing as well as prospective client data. But Zoho takes it even further with powerful capabilities to help you unleash this data to discover what, where, and why customers buy your products. Better still, Zoho will guide you to convert prospects into leads and clients, ramping up your sales and revenue.

Not only is Zoho a great CRM software, but it’s an “all-in-one” powerhouse. Integrations with Zoho Books, Zoho Social, and Zoho Marketing Hub allow you to easily invoice, and manage social media and email marketing in one place, automatically. You can also integrate popular platforms like Mailchimp and Amazon Seller, ensuring that all your business marketing operations are in one place. Having all of your marketing tools in one place allows you to easily review where your clients came from, how they found your business, what the clients clicked on while browsing your business’s website or social media platforms, and what product or subscription they were considering, and what type of content they respond to best. Think about what you can do with this information – you can use this data to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. Zoho is not just a good CRM for small businesses – it’s one of the best CRM for small businesses.

Zoho not only stores client data, but it uses AI to identify trends and discover opportunities for up-selling and accelerating growth – not just from customer relationships – but even sales, social media, and email marketing performance, as well as employee productivity. As you grow even bigger, you can add as many Zoho users as you need.

The main advantage of Zoho CRM

Part of Zoho’s biggest value proposition is its capacity to ensure data security and privacy through Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), two-factor authentication (2FA), IP restrictions, and audit logs. This is why millions of users and thousands of businesses trust Zoho with their data.

However, automation is what puts Zoho above the CRM pack. The ability to automate several processes, such as email alerts, reminders, schedule notifications, and other sales and marketing functions – even entire workflows – allows Zoho to take care of your clients for you. For example, Zoho can automatically create invoices with your client data already populated, or create and send email blasts that remind your client to purchase the item that they’ve already placed in their shopping cart.

Zoho CRM helps you make the most of your client data, and, as a Zoho premium partner, we can help you make the most out of Zoho. Our exceptional consulting services will help your small-to-medium business leverage all the incredible tools and capabilities that Zoho has to offer. The result: streamlining operations, saving you time, improving resource efficiency, helping you turn prospective leads into clients – and clients into sales – and accelerating your revenue.

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