What Makes a Good Brand Film and How to Create One?

If you are creative and have a knack for filmmaking, then this is something you should be focusing on. Namely, these types of movies are all about powerful narratives and interesting storytelling.

As a marketer, you have probably gained a lot of experience when it comes to developing engaging content. So how should you define branded videos? Simply perceive them as an extension of your content.

Many major companies, like Samsung, are widely-known for making outstanding, cutting-edge video content. The point is to use your talent for writing or anything else that requires inventiveness and apply it to your video content. If you’re not sure how to do it, scroll down for some suggestions.

Useful Ideas For Extraordinary Brand Movies

Be Creative

It’s no secret that every brand is leaning towards an aesthetic when it comes to developing creative content. While it’s not your duty as a professional to make a visual identity of your client from scratch, you should still focus on interpreting their identity and translate their message visually.

Namely, this is especially important if you are collaborating with smaller companies who still haven’t managed to develop their identity the right way. Every aspect of the brand movie, starting from music choice to color grade must amplify the brand identity of your customer. 

There are some crucial questions that must be asked when you are working on the look of the video:

  • What color grad should be utilized for the video?
  • Is it necessary for a video to contain a professional aesthetic?
  • How do the graphics intensify the brand?
  • Will the video manage to reflect the corporation’s diversity?
  • How does the sound reinforce the brand?
  • Should the depth of the field be wide or shallow?
  • Will the video be recorded via motion graphics or camera?

Now, you are not obligated to ask all these questions, however, you should write them down as a reminder when you’re having doubts. There are so many creative questions that should be asked, we just named a few.

Get To Know Your Audience

There is one rule that most video creators like to follow and that’s to start with the end in mind. Since you are already having access to a plethora of data about people’s behavior, including what type of content they like, whether they are watching it by utilizing cell phones, computers, or apps.

Experienced video creators from SignatureVideoGroup.com suggest that you should utilize this data to inform your video tactics from the beginning, and also to A/B test your content to uncover what gets the best response rates. Generally speaking, people are extremely receptive to this form of content and most gadgets are being developed to maximize the entire video experience.

Other Smart Strategies To Implement

Be Authentic

It doesn’t matter whether you are creating a brand film for yourself or anybody else, what matters is that you should utilize elements that perfectly fit the brand. That’s why it’s important to define it as much as possible.

Strive to be unique and authentic and to convey the brand with a specific tone that is being utilized in the video. Do you want it to be entertaining and fun, or more serious and professional?

On the other hand, do you want this movie to display some deep emotions or to be inspirational? Just perceive this video as a perfect presentation of who you really are (or the client you’re working for). 

Pick The Right Collaborators

Usually, brands collaborate with various production corporations, PR companies, and agencies. Typically, they enhance their production abilities with hires of executive producers that used to work in the film and TV industries.

Working with a PR agency in assisting to identify and create an interesting story for the movie provides numerous advantages. One of the most important segments of every film is the script. That’s why you have to ensure you find a person who is a passionate reader.

Somebody who has read everything, starting from history, to fiction, arts politics, and why not poetry. Why is this important? It’s relevant because they will have to employ all the rules of rhetoric to a topic that may not be as thrilling and engaging at first. 

Of course, we refer to the brand. That’s the role of every writer. They must find a connection and make ideas out of them. Furthermore, these people must find a way to reach others and move them. 

Final Words

The goal of any brand movie is to connect with others by showing them they share the same or similar values with them. At times it’s not easy. You always have to work on reinventing yourself, however, with the right people and inventive ideas, you’ll get there in no time.