What No One Told You About Military Electronics And Their Capabilities

The job of the military is a complex one. People serving in the armed forces are in a constant struggle of recognizing new threats and then figuring out ways to defeat them. However, the other side is doing the same thing, thus creating a closed-loop of research and development of offensive as well as defensive technologies. Electronics have always been a sensitive part of this ongoing struggle, and today you’ll learn why. 

A Different Kind of Electronics 

Modern warfare keeps evolving at an alarming pace. While new weapons are being developed and fielded every day, it’s the digital technologies that are truly becoming a force multiplier for most armies of the world. 

Being able to gain intelligence on your enemy in real-time, and instantaneously disseminate valuable information to the troops on the ground is essential. In fact, it’s much more important than making a more potent bomb or a more accurate rifle. The infrastructure necessary to meet such high demands is vulnerable to information warfare (IW). Or, at least, it would be if you were using COTS. Consumer off-the-shelf electronics work great in the civilian world where there’s a limited risk of targeted attacks, both hardware and software ones. 

That being said, COTS components are used in a limited capacity in military computers, but they are blended into the custom electronics designed specifically for military purposes. As a result, a military computer brings the performance and capabilities of the latest COTS components and the high-end security features of military-grade electronics. 

Ruggedized Performance 

The definition of the term “military computer” has changed significantly over time. Some 20 years ago, a military computer was a standard PC packed with various hardware and software INFOSEC solutions, sitting in a military office somewhere. 

Today, a military computer is a mobile unit that has to deal with the adverse conditions of modern battlefields. Engineers from cp-techusa.com/rugged-lcd-monitors/military/ note that rugged components are an essential part of modern military systems. A field computer or a rugged mobile server is exposing delicate components to air, mud, dust, and rain. 

Because of that, most of these devices feature ruggedized chassis solutions, IP-rated housings, and other means of protecting the internals. A computer of this type has to survive extreme heat, cold, prevent water ingress, and stay intact even when exposed to violent vibrations. 

The amount of complex systems that rely on this ruggedized nature of military electronics is too high to leave anything to chance. 

Beyond Military Applications 

The fact that the military’s increase in the need for ruggedized computer solutions is driving the development of this technology is a benefit to all, not just field commanders sitting in a FOB somewhere. Ruggedized military computers have found their way outside the wire and into other aspects of modern societies. 

As it turns out, military operations aren’t the only scenario where a ruggedized, durable and highly encrypted computer could come in handy. In fact, there are many industries out there that are already benefiting from such technologies. Oil rigs, massive mining operations, and pretty much any industry that requires data processing in the field will benefit from the use of military electronics. 

Better System Integration 

If there’s one condition all military equipment has to meet, it’s being compatible with the lowest common denominator. The same applies to military electronics to some extent. These computers, servers, ruggedized tablets, and other systems need to fit the existing military infrastructure. That means full compatibility with legacy systems, integration into existing complex networks, and the ability to improve the capabilities of current equipment. 

Once again, this ability to easily integrate into existing platforms and networks can be used in various industries as well. Companies that design and manufacture ruggedized military electronics offer custom-tailored solutions that can meet a variety of conditions. 

Custom Solutions With Wide Range of Applications 

The most important thing they don’t tell you about military electronics is that these systems can be extremely versatile even in the consumer segment. There are people out there who simply want a durable piece of equipment for one reason or another. A rugged laptop is a much better investment if you’re doing a lot of work outside in environments that aren’t compatible with standard consumer laptops. 

Most people don’t know that ruggedized electronics are available outside government contracts and are definitely worth looking into. That being said, some of these machines come across as clunky compared to their commercial counterparts, however, that is most likely going to change relatively soon.