What To Do If You Don’t Get The Grades You Need

Although summer vacations may be over, many students will find it difficult to forget about the worrying results day. It seems to hang over the bright and sunny days. Then comes the big reveal. In which you will find out how well you did in your GCSEs and A-Levels. Some will smile, while others will feel disappointed. There are always online test takers for hire for you to help you with your progress.

Don’t panic

If you aren’t getting the grades you want, the first thing to do is to keep calm. This is a difficult task. It can seem like the end can come quickly. We can’t guarantee that you’ll feel better in the next day, or even in the next month, but we do believe you will. Although their parents and grandparents may not believe what they are saying, there are many people who have failed exams around the world.

Appealing is a consideration

Do not give up on your education due to disappointing exam results. You can appeal to the exam board if you believe there was a mistake or your grade is unreasonably low. Every year, students send their papers back to the exam board for regrading because of an error in marking. Examiners don’t always do everything right. Talk to your teacher if you feel your paper was unfairly graded.

Do not be afraid to speak up

When things don’t go according to plan, it’s easy for us to blame ourselves. It can be very destructive to self-criticism, so it is important to share your feelings with others. No one will judge you for not getting a better grade. Even the most pushy parents want their children to be happy. You don’t have to face your parents if you don’t believe you can. Instead, meet with your closest friends and discuss things.

A Plan B is an option

If Plan A failed, did you have a plan B? Even if you had no idea of any other options, it’s a good time to begin looking at them more closely. You might consider clearing the UCAS system if you haven’t been able to obtain the UCAS grades required to be admitted at your first choice uni. There might be other places available that are better than your first choice. You don’t need the GCSEs for your chosen A-Level courses. Instead, think about what other skills you may have and seek guidance from a career advisor.

You might consider another route to work

You don’t have to earn A-Levels or a degree in order to make a great career. There are many other paths to the workplace if you don’t want to take up formal education. Apprenticeships are becoming more popular and can allow you to earn while you learn. You can also find amazing internships in big-name companies. Most don’t require a stellar CV or high grades.

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Although it can be difficult to accept the disappointment of not getting the grades you want, you will soon be able to move on. You don’t have to get the top marks, but it doesn’t make you a failure. Seek out the silver linings whenever you can, and you will still have a bright future with courage and determination.