What To Do On Your First Weekend Trip Without a Baby

There comes a time in every new parent’s life where they have to admit that they need a break. Sure, there are agreed upon alternating schedules. Sure, we get individual afternoons off to stay sane. Of course, the baby is on the verge of spinning our sanity into a wad of cotton candy. This is why you and your partner need a break. Not just a (hopefully) quiet dinner in the other room. We’re talking a real break. We’re talking a whole weekend with no baby. The reflexive audible gasp right there is proof that you need a break. But what would you and your partner do? What kind of activities are out there? What is the outside world even like? Here we’ll go down a list of some of the best things you can do on your first weekend trip without the bundle of joy. 

The Essentials 

Before you do anything, you need to prepare. Make sure there’s gas in the car. Make sure the big reservations are set. Make sure that the main outline of your trip is solid. But most of all, you need to make sure that the vibe on this trip is on point. Don’t put too much expectation on what “needs” to happen. Let the time flow and the momentum take over. You don’t want to be all stressed because you missed the bus to some Hobbit theme park. That’s lame. If it happens, it happens. But what you do need is something to kick off the weekend. If you’re in British Columbia, we suggest BC Edibles since we all used to delve into those treats all the time – now that it’s legal, you can toy with the idea! Everyone knows the best kickstart is some BC edibles and a tremendous atmosphere. There are all sorts of varieties and flavors. Any kind of infusion–from coffee beans to gummies are available now that it’s legal. You just need to order in advance and secure the bag. Do that and it’s on to the weekend. 

Whiskey Distillery 

Now that you have the mood setters, it’s time to figure out what to do. There are a few things that are a bit on the nose. Wine tasting and meal pairing are very typical of adults “adulting” while on a break. It’s the choice of the urban intellectual. But for the first-weekend trip? Something a bit more fun should be in order. A whiskey distillery is equal parts fun and interesting. 

You still get the same kind of people trying to get you to sniff out “notes” but the overall atmosphere is more laid back. You can let loose a bit. You can be a tad wilder. You can be a bit more off the cuff. It’s a whiskey distillery. That’s expected. If you go down the list of the most popular whiskey distilleries, go with the third or fourth most popular one. Places that are fully booked won’t be as forgiving when it comes to missing a tour appointment. The third is a bit more laid back. A bit more fun. More room to explore and take in the experience. 

Food Trip

The foodie trip is one of the most exciting, classic, hedonistic trips you can have. The entire focus of the trip is to eat as much great food as you possibly can, and nobody is mad at that. This is probably the best option if you’re trying to relieve stress and build new traditions. Instead of chasing after specific dishes like frat-boy chefs with knife tattoos, searching for the “perfect taco”, find a region with a reputation for a plethora of great food options. Take Metro Vancouver for example. If you’re familiar with the scene, you subdivide your eating experience into areas on the map. Their Chinatown rivals San Francisco in terms of quality. Fresh Oysters and vodka bars are like no other. The center of the city is the capital of experimental cuisine and artistic chances. You could also catch a flight out to The States and walk around New Orleans, another tremendous food city with a completely different vibe. Anywhere you go in these places, you’re going to have a good experience.

Stay In A Fancy Hotel

If you’ve been up all night with the baby, sometimes you don’t want to do anything. Sometimes you just want to be someplace that’s quiet and far away from the responsibilities you tend to every single day. This is why the hotel getaway is so amazing. It’s a simple weekend of pampering, calmness, closeness, and quiet. If you were planning on splurging, this is where you should put your money. Find the most comfortable getaway spot you can find. Get someplace in the hills or by the ocean. Find a hotel where you can hibernate the whole weekend, pop an edible, and order room service until the babysitter calls. These are the glorious nights of opulent rest you so desperately need. Take full advantage of being far. Don’t even think about waking up early. Guess what? You don’t need to. This weekend is for you. 

Returning to You

When we finally get out of the cycle of behavior that we’re used to, we tend to want to pack our time with novelty. Sometimes novelty isn’t the answer. Sometimes it’s about going back to what you used to enjoy. If you were an avid surfer, go back out to the waves. If you loved camping in the spring, by all means, do it. Find anchor points to reconnect with. So many people turn their kids into their sole identity. Everything is about them. Although there is nothing wrong with it, you must not forget that you are also an individual that doesn’t like kids shows and playtime as much as tearing up the slopes on a snowboard. Get back to that. You’ll thank yourself. 

These are just a few of the many things you could do with your time away from the baby. Always remember that you need resets. Find a trustworthy person to watch your kid. From there on, it’s your time. Centering yourself and finding yourself in these weekends will not only be beneficial for you but for your baby as well. Kids are sponges. Be on your A-game.what better way than to recalibrate every once in a while?